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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The 90-Day Water Challenge

If I had one dollar for every person that asked me what they could do about their dry hair and scalp, let's just say I'd be sitting quite comfortably right about now.  My first question to these people is always if they drink water or not.  Of course they all say, "yes!" or "I drink water all the time" or (my personal favorite) "That's all I drink!".  In reality, you should be consuming a minimum of 48oz (6 cups) of water daily or 64oz (8 cups).

I'm telling you guys what I know! Try it and see how much not only your hair, but your skin as well will improve.  It is also much cheaper than buying tons of products which only mask a deeper problem.  This is why I have decided to start a 90-day water challenge.  The purpose of this is to give you 90 days to get used to drinking the daily recommended amount of water each and every single day in hopes that you will continue to do so even after the 90 days is up.

See how important it is to drink all of your water here.

Drink up!
Today is Monday so let's go ahead and start! I'll post my own updates thoughout the 90 days so that you can keep up with my process, as well as post your own progress. I will also update on the improvements to my hair by simply drinking more water and not changing anything else in my hair care regimen.

Let's get it!

Ready, set, leggo!!!

(Week 1)
Day 1- Got a late start, drank about 40oz, 8oz shy away from goal. Oh well, tomorrow will be better..
Day 2- Got in my 6 cups and with it being only day 2, I have noticed one big change... I have to go to the bathroom (#1) a lot more often! Hopefully this means all of the impurities are being flushed out...
Day 3- Met my minimum of 48oz and stopped counting after that although I did drink more.  Still running to the bathroom quite often, however I do notice my urine geting much lighter! No noticeable hair changes just yet...
Day 4- Met goal (48oz)
Day 5- Fail! I drank about 40oz, will do better tomorrow...
Day 6- Met goal (48oz)
Day 7- Fail! Drank 40oz again, and the next thing I know I was asleep.. Oh well, it's the weekend, I'll do better come Monday.

(Week 2)
Day 8- Met goal (48oz)
Day 9- Met goal (48oz)- Today was the first day that I shampooed my hair while on my water challenge.  I normally don't add too much oil anyway but this time I didn't have to add any at all! My hair looked perfectly moisturized just from using the shampoo and conditioner.  Only one week in and already seeing results...
Day 10- Today I stepped it up and increased my goal to 64oz (8 cups) instead of 48oz (6 cups).  Met goal and drank a little bit more!
Day 11- Met goal (yes!)
Day 12- Today I drank this huge cup of water (44oz) just to start the day. Then I drank 22 more oz and another cup which I didn't measure.  Basically, I drank a lot of water today! Yay me!
 Day 13- Today Mr. Jones and I took a family outing to Atlanta to take little Cameron to the Georgia Aquarium for the first time.  This is no excuse, but today my water intake was lacking! I only remember drinking 20oz today. Straight fail! Oh well, there's always tomorrow..
Day 14- This is the end of week 2 and today my water intake was much better.  I started off with a liter bottle (33.8oz.) and finished to drink my goal of 64oz.  I had to redeem myself since yesterday was so awful..

(Week 3)
Day 15- Only drank 1 liter today.  I seem to have a hard time drinking water when I'm at home or should I say I have a hard time drinking my goal amount.
Day 16- Drank 50oz today plus a little more but I don't think it was enough to meet the 64oz goal.  Tomorrow I will be back at work from my weekend so I know I will have no problem drinking more than enough.  Good night..
Day 17- Met goal!
Day 18- I'm pretty sure I drank 64oz, drank one liter (33.8oz) then drank half of another and refilled the bottle and drank half of that. I can even see a difference in my skin now. I barely need lotion as before my skin was completely white without it.
Day 19- met goal!
Day 20- met goal again!
Day 21- goal!

(Week 4)
Day 22- I honestly didn't actually count today. Not sure if I met goal but was really close if I didn't.
Day 23- I've been doing so bad, I have a feeling this won't be a great week. Drank 48oz
Day 24- I guess I spoke it on myself yesterday! Another just ok day 48oz
Day 25- Well at least I'm consistently drinking the bare minimum, another 48oz day
Day 26- Didn't really count today. I'm sure I drank at least 48oz or at least really close.
Day 27- Not sure my total today either. Next week will be better!

(Week 5)
Day 28- Today I drank more than 48oz but less than my desired goal of 64oz.
Day 29- Back up to my 64oz routine. Yes! It's becoming easier and easier to drink now.  I actually couldn't find anything else to quench my thirst tonight.
Day 30- Met my goal (64oz)
Day 31- Goal again (64oz)
Day 32- Not sure total today, I try to guess how much is in the cups I drink when I go to fast food but I just cant tell!
Day 33- Goal
Day 34- Goal!

(Week 6)
Day 35- I drank at least 50 oz today
Day 36- 64oz today!


  1. I drink at least 1.5L (50 oz) per day and the increased bathroom breaks are the

  2. I drink a lot as well and I feel like I live in the bathroom! Lol


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