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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta Hair Review (3/10)

This week's RHOA hair review is quite late, but oh well, better late than never right? Here it goes..

Let's start with Cynthia..

Let me just say that Cynthia is brave as heck for showing her real hair like that on tv.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that her hair was that long bc I thought I remembered her hair being really short last season.  I see she is letting her real hair grow as she wears her weaves and that makes me happy.  The first look gets a C, the wig got an A.


Kenya's hair always looks great to me. I'm assuming that the ladies were in charge of their own hair while in Vegas and if so, Kenya keeps her own hair up very nicely. Even this "not totally done up yet look" looks nice to me.  You get another A this week Kenya.. P.S- It looks like a lot of that is Kenya's real hair, I wonder how much??


Nene's look was the same as last episode, looked great then, looks great now.  She did switch it up on the interview scene where it wasn't swooped but somewhat off the face.  Loved that as well. Both of these looks gets an A.


I still love love love Kandi's hair this length.  It's not too short and just a little past the shoulders. And I love that her weave looks so natural.  I also think she looks great with jet black hair, although I also like the reddish brown look on her as well.  A for Kandi this week..


I really really like Portia's hair long and straight.  Not to fond of the middle part though.  Her interview look with the curled hair with the side part was extremely cute to me.  I was really feeling that and thought it looked great on her.  I would love to see more side part action from Portia, but you still get an A.


I'm quite positive now that Phaedra is au naturale when it comes to her hair.  It looks like she has a very pretty curl pattern as well.  The only thing I would suggest would be just a little bit of edge control and that style would be perfect.  My hair grade for Phaedra this week is a B.

That sums up my hair review this week for RHOA.  What does everyone else think? Who had the best hair this week?

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