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Monday, March 11, 2013

Journey To Relaxed & Healthy Hair

This client came in with her hair in bad shape.  She confessed to me that she has severely neglected her hair and had caused her own damage.  We're talking heat damage, relaxer damage, color damage, and just plain old not taking care of it! She also told me that she was ready for a change and that she was ready for her hair to be healthy again.

I failed to take a before picture, but it was in bad shape and just needed some love and nurturing to get it on the right track.I started her off with a reconstructive treatment and a good trim since the ends were very much split.

After the first visit I immediately noticed a change in her hair.  A couple weeks later she came back in for her second visit.  Here are some after pics from that visit.  We still have a little ways to go before I am completely satisfied with the health of her hair but we are already in a much better state that just the first visit.

On the next visit we will be doing a moisturizing treatment to restore the luster back to the hair and get rid of that dull look which is a result of it being dried out and not taking care of the color.

She's on her way!

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