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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wig Pricing & Breakdown

bob wig

First I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming positive responses to my wig creations!  I really enjoy creating them and truly believe that wigs don't and shouldn't obviously look like wigs.  They should look as natural as possible.

Since many of you have been asking about pricing, here is a breakdown:

Base price- $150
*base price does NOT include the hair*
-You can either supply your own hair or I can order the hair for you.  
-If you choose for me to supply the hair, the price will vary depending on the length and texture (i.e straight, curly, wavy)
-Once you give me specifics on the length and texture you want, I will get you an exact price on the hair.
-Also, if you choose for me to order the hair, your deposit will be the amount of the hair.  The remaining will be due once the wig is ready.
-The base price of the wigs include the method of gluing them to the cap and only sewing down the ends for extra security.

Included in base price
-Making the wig
-Cutting the hair into a style
-Styling the wig

-The base price of $150 includes gluing the hair to wig cap. You also have the option of having it hand sewn and glue free.  This option will make your wig last much longer and is an additional $100
-The hair used is 100% Virgin Brazilian Human hair meaning that the hair has never had any chemicals in it.  Therefore, it comes in natural colors like jet black, off black, dark brown, medium brown, and light brown.  If these colors are too dark you have the option of letting me color them which is an additional $25.
-The average time it takes me to make the wigs are 3-5 business days for glued wigs and 7-10 business days for hand sewn.  If you need a rush order done, you can get it done sooner for an additional $50

How long do they last?
You should expect your wig to last several months with the proper care.  They will last years if you choose the hand sewn upgrade.  Caring for your wig includes washing and conditioning it regularly and keeping it on the wig head when not in use so that it won't lose its shape.

Refund Policy
For sanitation reasons, there are no refunds on hair and wigs.  If you are unhappy with your wig, I will do what I can to fix it for you.  To ensure your satisfaction please bring a picture of the way you want it styled when you also bring/send your hair.

How to order
As of right now you can order by emailing and including your picture of how you want the wig to look, if you will be supplying your own hair or not, and the date that you need it by.

long wig w/bangs


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