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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Most Important Thing You Can Do To Make Your Relaxers Last Longer

7 weeks post relaxer

Many people have asked me how I am able to make my relaxer last for as long as 16 weeks.  A lot of my very own clients have given me that confused look when I tell them that I go 3-4 months in between touch ups.  Well, the reason I am able to do this is not because I have my hair trained, have "good" hair, have Indian in my family, or anything like that (all of these are reasons people have mentioned to me).

The one single item that has let me be able to stretch my relaxers out is wrapping my hair.  I wrap my hair every single night.  The only time that I may not wrap it is if I know I will be shampooing it the next day.  But even then, I still at least comb it all back and tie down the edges.  When I didn't wrap my hair I was never able to last longer than six weeks in between touch ups.  But, in doing this, my hair always grew to one length then seemed like it got "stuck".  Stretching out my relaxers has helped my hair grow faster than it did before. It also gives it a chance to grow longer than it did before.

I don't have a desire to go completely natural although I have toyed with the idea once or twice.  My goal is to get only 1-2 relaxers per year.  I feel like this will give me the best of both worlds, and I can live with that.

When I wrap my hair, I use three, yes I said three, head scarves.  I have to do this in order for them to stay on my head!  I also put them on as tight as I can stand it to help lay down the naps hair.  Even when I do this, my hair is still thick but it is much easier to manage.  So, the first step to stretching your relaxers past six weeks is WRAPPING! (For more tips click here) Wrap it up every night! As a matter of fact, wrap it as soon as you get home and know that you won't be going anywhere else that night.  On my days off, I leave it wrapped all day.  Trust me on this one, wrap your hair and it will thank you..

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