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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Straightened Natural Hair

One of the clients that I had today has not had her hair straightened in a very long time, we are talking years. Today she came in for the first time to see me and have her hair straightened out.  She did this as a surprise to her hubby for Valentine's Day because he hasn't seen it straightened in a very long time.  She also felt like she was neglecting her hair and wanted to do something for herself.  I was honored that after not going to a salon for so long that I, a complete stranger, was the one she trusted with her hair.  I was determined to not let her down.

Check out the pics:


upon arrival
 She had all of this hair pinned up in a ponytail and once she took it down, this hair came out of nowhere!

while wet
This is what her hair looked like after the shampoo.  She had a lot of shrinkage but I was able to blow that back out .  Here are the after pics.


The after look was achieved by trimming her ends, which had also not been trimmed in over a year, and giving her a bang.  She couldn't believe it was her once I turned her around, and was very pleased with her hair.

What do you think? I think her hubby will love his Valentine's Day Gift!

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