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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How To Shampoo Your Hair & Avoid It Becoming Tangled

Forgive me for looking cray cray!

Have you ever shampooed your hair and when you got done it was very tangled? The reason for this is because a lot of people are causing their hair to be like that with their method of shampooing.  When shampooing your hair, don't push all of your hair up to the top of your head and vigorously move your hands.  This is what causes the tangling.  Instead, place your fingers through your hair and massage your scalp.  See my illustration below..

Notice how my fingers go through my hair?  You want to make sure your scalp is clean, and the suds will rinse the dirt off of your hair.  No need to rub your hair vigorously.

Notice how my hair looks smooth even while wet?  That is how you know your hair will not be a tangled mess once you rinse your shampoo out.

Happy Shampooing!


  1. I had to change my technique for when I shampoo especially when I'm further along in my stretches (which can go up to 18 weeks) because I was getting tangles. I basically do what you mentioned but I do it in 4 sections and make sure that I keep my new growth detangled.

    1. 18 weeks! Wow, good job! Sectioning is great as well, keep up the good work and thanks for reading.


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