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Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Blogger Spotlight: Ebony C. Princess from Longing for Length

 I had the pleasure of interviewing another fellow blogger and youtuber (is that even a word??) by the name of Ebony C Princess.  Ebony is the creator of the hair blog Longing4Length, which is another blog that proves that it is possible to have a relaxer and long hair simultaneously.  Ebony shares her hair journey on her blog and was kind enough to share some of the highlights with me.  In her interview, she dishes on her hair secrets, routines, and can't live without products.  Read on and enjoy!

Ebony C Princess

LJ:  What is the inspiration behind your blog?  How did it all begin?
ECP: I began blogging after uploading YouTube videos documenting my hair journey for a couple of years.  I realized that blogging provided an easier go-to reference for those who asked questions about my journey.

LJ:  What is your personal hair care routine?
ECP:  Basically I pre-poo, wash, and deep condition once per week and moisturize and seal daily.  Of course there are additions depending on my hair needs, but that is the basic skeleton of my regimen.

LJ:  Do you consider your hair to be healthy?  What part of your hair care regimen is the most important aspect in keeping it that way?
ECP:  Yes, I do consider my hair healthy and I am quite proud to say so!  I think the two most important aspects are moisturizing and sealing and regular deep conditioning sessions.

moisturizing & sealing- you go girl!

LJ:  How often do you get your relaxers?  What is the longest amount of time you have stretched out your re-touch?
ECP:  I relax my hair every 11-12 weeks.  Technically the longest I’ve ever gone without retouching was about 18-20 months when I was 19 and unintentionally transitioned to natural hair.  But since then, the longest has been about 7 months.

LJ:  Have you ever considered going natural? Why or why not?
ECP:  I constantly consider going natural, I love the “bigness” of natural hair!  I am happy with my relaxed hair at the moment and I think there is something personal that wants to prove along with a few other ladies who are publicly sharing their hair journey that relaxers do not equal unhealthy or short hair.

Wow! Now that is significant growth!

LJ:  What are your top 3 favorite hair products?
ECP:  Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer, Kerapro Intensive Conditioning Mask for Dry to Very Dry Hair and extra virgin coconut oil.  I could live happily ever after if I just had those three products in my life!

LJ:  What is the most important thing you can do for your hair when trying to achieve long hair?
ECP:  This is probably a very unorthodox answer but….ENJOY IT!  Don’t get so caught up on length-length-length that you forget to enjoy your hair throughout the journey of growing it long.  There are styles you can do with arm pit length hair that you cannot do with bra strap and middle back length hair, so as you are trying to achieve your length goals enjoy each mini-goal you reach along the way. 

An up close look at her growth

LJ:  What is the worst thing you can do to your hair when trying to get long hair?
ECP:  Forsake health for length.  If your hair isn’t healthy, I doubt you will ever be satisfied with it no matter how long it grows.

LJ:   What are some of your favorite protective styles when you want to give your hair a break?
ECP:  Weaves definitely.  I’m not a big “bun/updo” kinda girl long term so the current Protective Styling Challenge I am hosting is definitely a step outside of my comfort zone.  It would have been easy to slap some tracks in my head and call it a day but I wanted to be right there with all of the participants, creating stylish updos and buns.  I’m actually impressing myself because I haven’t been bored and feel “cute” nearly everyday!

Ebony's protective styles include buns, weave, and braided updo's

LJ:  What is your favorite "bad hair day" hairstyle?
ECP:  Hmmmm….that depends.  I love a high bun, but if my new growth is revolting against me, I grab my good old faithful Glance Model Model Bay “Breeze” half wig!

The "bad hair day hair" aka her wig!

LJ:  What great info can we look forward to in your Longing 4 Length ebook?
ECP:  The L4L Healthy Hair Handbook is basically an in-depth explanation of each portion of my basic healthy hair regimen - what, why and how-to.  It also contains links to articles written by other informed ladies, exclusive video content and a glossary of terms and definitions.  Most of the information is available on Longing 4 Length but sometimes it helps to have it in one organized location.

LJ:  Where can we find you on the web? (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc)
ECP: You can always catch me on Longing 4 Length, but I am becoming super social media savvy so you can find me at the following:






LJ:  Is there anything you would like to add?
ECP:  My absolute favorite way to wear my hair is rollerset with loose curls.  It feels romantic and feminine and because the curls were set they tend to last for days on end and its healthy for the hair.  I  a good rollerset!

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