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Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy's 2013 Hair Review

Last night's grammy awards was a great show.  I couldn't wait to comment on the hair, so let's get to it!

Katy Perry
Katy Perry looked absolutely amazing and anyone that has read this blog for a while knows how I feel about straight hair.  For those that don't, I love it! I just love, love, love me some straight, thick, long, black, HEALTHY hair! Two thumbs up..


I thought Beyonce's hair was just ok.  I've definitely seen it look a lot better, but it was neat, polished, and the color looked great.

Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna... That hair was so pretty to me!  Long soft curls were definitely out of her norm but I thought it looked great on her.  I personally don't like middle parts but hers was not directly in the middle which worked perfectly.  The color also complimented her very well.  I thought this look was very becoming for her.

Taylor Swift

I was not blown away with Taylor's hair. As much as I love straight hair, I like Taylor better with her curls.  I did think her bangs looked cute though and the red carpet look she had with the braid going around like a headband was cute also.

One style I love almost as much as straight hair is an updo.  I thought Adele's hair looked great, especially with her dress.  Two thumbs up from Adele! P.S. Adele, we're ready for another album!

Alicia Keys
I love Alicia Keys but I thought she could have done something a bit different with her hair.  Having said that, she did have it very neat and the hump was very close to perfect.  She also has the pretty face to pull such a look off.  

I'm wondering is this is all of Solange's hair?! If so, it looks great!  I love her hair natural, and I love her curl pattern.  Beautiful look..

Kelly Rowland
Again, I love updos and I thought Kelly's hair looked amazing.  It looked soft and sophisticated and very elegant.  Go Kelly and Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Lopez
Let's be honest, Jennifer Lopez could have shaved her head and many of us would not have noticed with her having that dress on! I like the high bun and think that she decided to go simple with the hair to give all the attention to the dress.  Mission accomplished J. Lo!

I'm not used to Estelle having longer hair but I like it on her.  I would have done it a bit differently and would have had the side with the most hair framing her face a bit more instead of having it look like a side ponytail.  I did like the change in color as well as the curls.

Amber Rose
I added Amber Rose to show that you can not wear your natural hair platinum blonde unless it is this short.  Otherwise it would feel like mush, and you definitely could not have a relaxer with platinum blonde hair.  Looks cute on her but in order for it to stay cute, she will have to keep it short or opt for platinum weave..


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