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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Your Hair Can (and WILL) Grow, Just Be Patient!

Are you sick of your hair because you feel like it won't grow? Well you are not alone.  Many women get so frustrated with their hair and don't know what to do with it.  If you are wanting to grow your hair long, you will definitely need some patience.  Your hair does not grow six inches per month like we would prefer.  Normal hair growth is 1/2 inch per month! That's it! Here is a better look:

Tom Cruise
This buzz cut that Tom Cruise has is 1/2 inch long! This is how much normal hair grows per month.  As you can see, it's not that much so even though your hair is growing, you probably won't notice it because you are looking at your hair every day and such a small amount of growth is very hard to notice.

One of my clients had her hair cut very short where it was shaved in the back and sides and short at the top. By the time she started coming to me (2011), it was starting to grow out and was maybe an inch long in the back. After one year, this is what her hair now looks like..

Back view

Left side

Back view

Right side
As you can see, she has had significant growth although if you ask her she will tell you that her one year of growth felt like five!  She has entertained the thought of cutting it all back off many times.  I encouraged her to push past that "in between" stage and she would be just fine.  Well she pushed through, and she is loving her results so far.  Even though her back was shaved, it now appears to be longer than the sides, although this is not necessarily true.  If you have hair that is three inches placed at the nape (lower back of head), it will touch your shoulders.  If you take that same three inch piece of hair and put it right above your ear it will only come to a little past the bottom of the ear, which is nowhere near the shoulders.  That doesn't mean that the hair in the back is growing faster, it just means that the way the head is shaped, all hair won't appear to be the same length.  

This client's at home routine consists of wrapping her hair at night and only curling it when she shampoos it.  Her last relaxer (before the one she received last week) was in November, so she went about eight weeks.  This is excellent for someone who once had very short hair as a lot of women who keep their hair that short receive a touch up every four weeks in order to keep the shaved parts laying down and not looking nappy.  This is ok if you have shaved hair because even though the relaxer is being overlapped, the overlapped part is constantly being cut off so no damage is occurring.  

Eventually I would like to work this client up to getting her touch ups every 12 weeks and extend it as her hair becomes longer.  Her hair goal is to grow it long enough to get it cut into a bob so we are waiting on her sides to grow a bit longer.  

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