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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shampoo Day & Length Check

Ahh, nothing beats clean hair and scalp!
*week #7 post relaxer*

Today was shampoo day for me and it couldn't have come soon enough.  I had pushed my hair to the limit, stretching out my shampoo from the normal seven days to about ten days.  This is not recommended, I was just being lazy but could not go another day with that oily, dirty mess on my head.  This is also week two of  giving my removable sew in a break.  So, today I decided to do a length check to see what my progress has been.

(Click here to see the beginning of my hair journey)
The last time I checked, my hair had grown this long:


On this picture my hair covers my full neck from the back.  Here is a picture I took today.

Don't be alarmed, despite my urges I have not cut my hair.  It has continued to grow a little bit but in this picture I don't have on a t-shirt so it appears shorter.  My layers have grown out a lot and I really, really, really want to cut it again but I will continue on the journey to long hair.

Here are some better pics:

Wow, looks thick!

just fooling around :)

Today's process was pretty much same as usual.  I used the following products:

Shampoo #1- Avachi purifying shampoo
Shampoo #2- Healthy Sexy Hair Moisturizing shampoo
Conditioner- Healthy Sexy Hair Moisturizing conditioner

*sat under dryer for about 30 minutes*

-blow dried the rest until 100% dry
-applied Paul Mitchell's "Hot Off The Press" thermal protectant
-flat ironed

(for a more in depth review of my hair routine click here)

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