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Monday, September 9, 2013

Partial Sew-In

A partial sew in is pretty self explanatory.  It does not cover the entire head, instead it covers basically half of the head from ear to ear, down, and a little bit above the ears on the sides.  Most people select this option if their hair has a bit of length on it in the top and can look very natural when blended with the longer hair.  A partial sew in is not for you if your hair is short and you want your weave to look really long because it would not look natural at all.  In this case, a full sew in would be your best option.

The client I had today was a great candidate for a partial sew in.  Her hair is extremely thick, the front is long (she is growing her inverted bob out), and her hair easily blends with the weave. Here is a picture of it once I had it all sewn in and before I curled it.

She used one full pack of Milky Way Saga hair. For most partials, one pack is enough. Here is the finished look.

Front side view

Front view/other side

back view
The finished curls were achieved by using a curling wand. For maintenance, she can roll at night with some flexi rods.  If she does not want to do that, she can attempt to only put a satin bonnet on but will still have to sleep pretty to avoid smushing the curls.  This hair holds a curl pretty good so at least for the first week, she will be fine.  Even if she brushes the curls they will still be curls, just a bit looser.  She can continue to shampoo and condition as she normally would, as this hair also looks great even after being shampooed several times.


  1. How many inches is that

  2. How many bundles of hair do you need to do a partial sew in?

    1. The young lady in the picture used one bundle

  3. What if I have shoulder length hair can I still get a partial sew in?

  4. How many tracks are typically needed for a partial sew-in, for hair that is past shoulder length. I have one pack of 16" hair. The salon I'm thinking of charges 10 per track.

  5. How many tracks are typically needed for a partial sew in?

  6. To get an accurate estimate, ask the salon you are going to how many it takes to do your head and go from that.


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