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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lots & Lots of Natural Hair

This young lady has plenty of natural hair and today was her first visit to me.  She has never had her hair straightened and was so nervous about coming to me.  Upon speaking to her while at the salon, I realized why she was so nervous! This poor girl has had some terrible horror stories when it comes to professional stylists.  From not having a relaxer rinsed from her head right away after she told the stylist it was burning, to having a "trim" turn into an almost six inch cut, to having a stylist be two HOURS late, and the list goes on.  To say the least, she has had her fair share of bad salon visits and was down right turned off to coming to a professional do her hair.  In fact, one of these bad experiences is actually what caused her to go natural.  Having gone through all of this, I felt so special that after three years from visiting a salon that she trusted me to do her hair for her.

This is how her hair looked when she came in.  Well, actually it was in a ponytail, this picture was taken when she was at the shampoo bowl and I was about to wet it. 


To shampoo this client's hair, I used Joico's Smooth Cure shampoo and conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner combo is definitely recommended for natural hair, especially if you are wanting to straighten it.  Instead of putting her under the dryer, I blowed her hair out to remove most of the curl pattern.  This is what it looked like once I got the back blown out.  


Here is the finished product.  She was very hesitant to get those ends trimmed but I knew that three years was way too long to go without one so I was able to talk her into it.   Once it was all said and done, she said that she loved her hair and that was all I wanted to hear...



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