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Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Get Your Long Hair Back

Everyone and their grandmother wants to know how to grow their hair long.  Either they have cut it off and are now wanting it to grow back or they are just longing for more length.  Either way, a lot of women are craving longer tresses these days.  This client is another client that used to keep her hair very short, as in shaved in the back and sides and just a little hair in the top to curl.  She came to me requesting to grow her hair out.  By the time she started coming to me her hair was still short but it was long enough to flat iron all over.

I should have taken a picture of her hair on the first visit, and I really thought I did! However, as it turns out, I'm pretty sure I didn't since I can't seem to find one before these recent ones that I just took.  **UPDATE** I found a picture of her hair from a few months ago. Still not the first picture but it was noticeably shorter..

not even covering her neck on this pick
I noticed how long her hair has gotten in just a few months and took some pictures to show her since she is now getting the urge to cut it back off.  Anyway, here is a picture before I curled it.

This client is natural so she normally gets a silk press and wears it straight.  Here are her after pictures.


Her hair care routine consists of shampooing once per week although sometimes she shampoos every two weeks.  For at home maintenance she wraps her hair at night.

So, what do you think? Should she cut her hair back off or continue to see how long it will grow?


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