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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Am I The Right Hair Stylist For You?

Everyone has certain things that they like or don't like about the type of stylist they choose.  Most women are very selective and particular about hair stylist and when they find one that they like, they become very loyal to that stylist because that particular stylist is who they trust with their hair.  And to be honest, a lot of hair stylists are also selective when it comes to their clients.  We try very hard to avoid crazy clients, clients who are prone to pulling no call no shows, are constantly late, are never pleased with anything, etc.  I have recently been receiving a lot of new clients, so I would like to take the time out to explain to all of my newly welcomed clients as well as any potential future clients how I operate.  The characteristics that I list below will give more insight on me and how I run my business.  For my pricing information please see the link to my website above.

About Promptness:

  • I am pretty good about seeing my clients at their appointment time.  If your appointment is at 9am, I am not that stylist that will have you waiting until 11 before I start on you.  You can count on being seen at 9. If I am running behind, it may be 9:15 at the latest but I will inform you on how long I'm running behind if that is the case.
  • If you know you can not get to your appointment on time, please inform me asap.  If you are running more than 15-20 minutes behind, that starts to cut into the time of the next person and you may be required to reschedule your appointment.  I understand that things happen and try to accommodate everyone if I can.  But in order to not have other clients backed up and just sitting around waiting, I will reschedule you if I need to.
  • I do not have clients waiting all day to be serviced nor do my clients have to plan on being in the salon all day for a hair appointment.  Depending on the service requested most of my clients can plan on being in and out in 1 hour.  More time is needed if the client gets any type of set, a relaxer, color, or weave services.  When scheduling appointments online, the approximate time to perform this service will be shown to you.
About Scheduling:
  • I do give the option to schedule your own appointment online or to call me at the salon or on my personal cell phone.  
  • When scheduling online, you can book your appointment up to six months in advance.  
  • When scheduling online, do NOT schedule appointments that you know you can not make.  For example, a 3pm appointment is the latest available appointment but you know that you don't get off until 3 and you can't get there until 3:30.  Do not schedule the 3pm appointment then write in the notes or text me that you won't be there until 3:30.  If you can not get there at 3pm then you need to schedule another day that is more convenient for you.
  • When scheduling online, do not make several appointments that you THINK you MIGHT be able to make only to cancel them later.  This makes the time unavailable for someone that is sure that they can come.  If I see that someone is making a habit of doing this, that person will be blocked from making any future appointments online.
  • You also have the option to cancel your appointment online if you need to. Once you make an appointment, a confirmation email as well as a reminder email will be sent to you.  The link to cancel is also in this email.
  • I ask for a 24 hour notice when cancelling appointments. This is so I will have ample time to get someone else to fill that spot.
  • Failure to show up for your appointment WITHOUT calling and canceling will result in a no call/no show fee of $25 minimum or half of the cost of the service you scheduled, whichever is greater.  The fee will be added to the next visit.
  • The no call/no show fee will also be imposed if you call and cancel but there is no time to fill your slot. For instance, if you call 15 minutes before your appointment time, that is not enough time to allow someone else to be there so you will be charged the fee.  Repeat nc/ns offenders will no longer be allowed to book future appointments and will be treated as a walk in.
About Kids' Hair:
  • I also do kids hair under certain conditions.  If the child is extremely tender-headed or you know your child will pitch a fit please do not schedule any of my services for that child.
  • Services for children are the same price as adults.  The reason for this is because I give children's hair the same quality of care and use the same products that I use on adults.  For this reason, all services are the same price for everyone, regardless of age.
  • I do not mind children that are being serviced to be dropped off until services are finished.  However, I am not a stylist that keeps anyone in the salon all day so once you are called to come and get your child, you should not be more than 15 minutes away.  Failure to pick your child up in a timely fashion will result in that child no longer being able be dropped off and left unattended.  
About Pricing:
  • I know that I provide quality service and use the best products, therefore my prices reflect that.  My prices are competitive to other stylists in my area and my skill level.
  • I do not offer discounts if you come every week, every two weeks, bring your daughter, sister, cousin, or friend to get there hair done also.  If you are looking for a discount for frequent services, you can purchase a VIP card from me for $100 and this will get you a 20% discount for the entire year.  The savings you get from the discount will pay for the card with only a few visits.  VIP cards are also available for families ($175).
About New Clients:
  • I am always accepting new clients! If there is an open slot available, it is pretty much first come first served.  
  • I love, welcome, and appreciate all business, especially new clients so the more the merrier.
About My Products:
  • I use products according to what the hair needs.  All of my products used are salon quality products that can not be purchased in Walmart or Sally's.  
  • If you prefer a certain type of product that I do not use, you are welcomed to bring it with you to your appointment (price will be the same).
  • I use Mizani Butter Blend and Nairobi relaxers.  I also use the corresponding shampoo and conditioner to the lines because I believe the products work better when you use the entire line.
About Traveling:
  • My services are not limited or subjected to being only available in the salon.  I am also available for on site events such as weddings, showers, parties, or any other occasion in which it would be more convenient to have me come to you.
  • My travel services require a travel fee which is also equal to a non-refundable, non-negotiable deposit that is due upon booking the appointment.  
  • Travel services for local and surrounding areas can be booked online.  If I am needed to travel outside of Alabama I can be contacted at for rates and more info.
About Natural Hair:
  • I do offer services on natural hair.  These services include blow outs and twist outs.  
  • I do not do natural updos, dreads, braids, etc.
I am a stylist that is easy going, professional, a good listener, and I put the health of your hair first.  I love new clients, old clients, referrals, basically I enjoy people and I love my job.  If you think I would be a good fit for you, don't hesitate to book an appointment!

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