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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Natural Girl's Alternative- The Keratin Treatment


I have performed several keratin treatments in the past.  I have seen some people's hair become damaged from them and I have also seen people who absolutely love them.  A company by the name of DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment contacted me asking if I would like to sample their product.  Of course I was leery at first, but decided to accept the product.  Today I performed it on my mother who has natural hair.  She has been my "guinea pig" for several things that I have wanted to try out and this was no different.  She did, however, do her research online where she came across some good stories as well as some horror stories that made her very nervous.

The brazilian keratin treatment is a temporary straightener that lasts for about 2-3 months.  Gradually the treatment wears off of the hair and it eventually returns back to its original state after the 2-3 months is up.
This is a great alternative for natural women who don't want to wear their hair curly but do not want any chemicals in their hair either.  Again, this is not permanent.  The benefits to a keratin treatment is that once the hair gets wet or gets exposed to humidity, it will not revert back to its curly state or become a big frizz ball.  Also, it is much easier to straighten and stays that way longer.

This treatment is supposed to be formaldehyde free and gentle as well as easy enough to perform on your own at home.   I know there are some people that just prefer for someone else to do their hair and then there are others who don't mind doing their own hair as long as they are confident in what they are doing.  Let me take you through the steps of the treatment.

Here is a before picture.

100% Natural Hair
To begin the process, I shampooed the hair with a clarifying shampoo (supplied by the company) three times.  This was done to ensure that absolutely no product was left on the hair and gave me that squeaky clean feeling.  After the third shampoo with the clarifying shampoo, I then began to apply the keratin treatment.  Application included putting it on small sections of the hair and combing it through to make sure it was on each strand.  After I applied it to all of the hair, the hair was covered with a plastic cap and allowed to sit for 20 minutes.  After the 20 minutes, I then blow dried the product in the hair until the hair was 100% dry.  The final step was flat ironing the hair.  After I flat ironed the hair I was done.

Here are the after pictures.

After- side view

After- back view

After- side view
As you can see, the after results are much different than the before pictures.  The hair was soft and shiny once I got done.  I thought that since the product had to be blow dried in the hair then flat ironed that it would make the hair greasy or sticky, but it didn't.  The instructions say not to shampoo for hair for at least 72 hours or 3 days, so I will have my mom come back on Saturday to shampoo it with the shampoo and conditioner that was supplied with the kit.  I will update this post after that visit to let you know the results.

So far she has been very pleased with her hair.  For maintenance she will wrap it nightly and not apply heat.

Check back in about 3 days for an update on the follow up visit...


Today was day 3 and shampoo day for the keratin treatment.  My mom was still loving her results from her initial visit.  She said that it was much easier to wrap and manage since the treatment was done.  Here is a picture of how it looked after I shampooed it..

back view
Another view:

Notice that the hair is still wavy and not bone straight.  This is because a keratin treatment is not a relaxer nor is it a straightener and does not contain chemicals.  It simply makes naturally curly hair EASIER to straighten and manage by loosening up the curl pattern a little.  Although the hair is not straight when wet it is still a big difference from the way it originally was which was this:

Here is a picture from when I applied the Nairobi foam wrap and combed it down.  The hair was still wet at this point.

Instead of blow drying like I did the first time I put her under the dryer.  This is totally optional, if blow drying is your preference you are more than welcome to do so.  I simply put her under the hooded dryer so that I could style my other clients while she was drying.  Once she was completely dry I blow dried it a bit more to remove all of the waves, then I flat ironed.

After final blow dry
Final result:

The final result pictures came out a bit fuzzy as my phone was about to die and refused to give me any type of flash.  However, the hair did get very straight with very little effort and she again loved her results.

The major benefits of having a keratin treatment are,

  1. you can straighten your natural hair with ease without having to relax it.  
  2. your hair will not become a frizz ball when it encounters humidity
  3. it is only temporary and will revert back to its original state
  4. it lasts 2-3 months
I will continue to shampoo my mom's hair on a weekly basis to monitor the results of the keratin treatment to see how long it will last before it wears off of her hair and to also see if any problems arise.  I will keep you updated but so far so good!


This week was week 2 for my mom's keratin treatment and she is still loving it.  This week I shampooed it with the shampoo and conditioner provided by DIY Brazilian and seemed to get even better results than last week.  Last week I used Joico's sulfate free smooth cure shampoo and conditioner because I forgot DIY's stuff at home.  I will say that it seemed to do a lot better when I used their stuff.  Here are the before and after pics..

After the shampoo
If you look closely, you can see that the curl was a bit more loose than last week.  

Here is a pic of right after the hair was dried under the hood dryer.

And here are the final results..

side look

side view- other side

back view

side view again
Stay tuned for next week's update...


This week my mom is still loving the results of her keratin treatment.  I do notice week by week the gradual change in waviness after I shampoo her hair.  It is wearing off with each shampoo but the change is not very noticeable and after week three the hair is still getting straight and still easy to manage.  Here are the before and after pics from this week.

while wet..

after hair has been dried

after styling-side view

after styling- another side view

after styling- back view
As you can see, the results are still great.  Next week will be month 1, but I may or may not update due to the fact that my mother will be going out of town and would like to get her hair braided.  If she changes her mind I will give the update for month 1, if not, I will update after she takes the braids down.

We are now at the 6 week mark for the keratin treatment that I did on my mom.  Here are some of the pictures:

while wet, nothing on it

after being dried- Nairobi was applied before it was dried


My mom is still loving her results.  She says her hair feels so soft and feels even better than when she had a relaxer.  We are about one month and a half in, so she can expect about 3.5 more months of these results.  Check back for more updates!!


  1. Dear LaToya,

    What is the Nairobi Foam Wrap you applied to your mothers hair,I did not receive this foam with my D.I.Y kit?And does this wrap make a diffrence to the end results? My friend has very curly,frizzy and unruly hair,and from this kit se got a 50% reduction on the frizz on her hair,would you recommend she apply another treatment in about a months time,for she would like her frizz to reduce to atleast 89%.

    1. I'm sorry for any confusion, but the Nairobi foam wrap does not come with the kit, it is a separate company's product. In order to get more frizz reduction, you have to let the product sit a few minutes longer. I would recommend waiting until the product wears completely off then reapply but let sit longer next time.

  2. The results are great. I am glad you added a step by step process of the whole thing.

  3. Hi .am loving your mums hair.where can I buy the product?

  4. Latoya, this was thorough Ana very helpful. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to the future results.


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