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Friday, December 14, 2012

Recommended Hair Care Routine For Oily Hair

It is a known fact that everyone's hair is not the same.  Therefore, everyone will not have the same hair care routine.  Getting many questions from women on what they should do to their hair or what shampoo to use inspired me to share my recommendation for specified hair types.  Listed below is my recommended hair care routine for oily hair.

Oily hair only

Hair Care Regimen For Oily Hair

Step 1.  Shampoo every 4-7 days-  Oily hair is just that, very oily.  Depending on how oily your hair gets you should shampoo every week using a clarifying shampoo.  Shampoo twice with your clarifying shampoo and rinse thoroughly.  **IMPORTANT** Do NOT use a moisturizing shampoo on your hair.  This will only add more moisturizers/oil into your hair.  Proceed to step 2.

Step 2.  Apply a daily conditioner and finger through or comb all the way through to ensure each strand is covered.  Do NOT use a moisturizing conditioner as this will only add moisture/oil to your hair.  A daily conditioner is lighter and will not cause your hair to get very oily too quickly like a moisturizing conditioner would.  Rinse the conditioner thoroughly as if any is left on your hair it can leave an unwanted residue.  If your hair is extremely oily, you can skip the cream conditioner altogether and just opt for a spray leave in conditioner.  

Step 3.  Dry your hair by sitting under a dryer or blow drying.  Any kind of set will require the use of a hood dryer.  Otherwise blow drying is fine.  If you blow dry your hair, I suggest using a thermal protector before doing so as this will help protect your hair from any damage that may occur from the heat of styling tools.  Don't worry, these will not add any oil to your hair.  They are perfectly fine to use on oily hair.  

Step 4.  Style and finish.  Style your hair as usual without applying any oils, serums, creams, etc.  Having oily hair means that your hair produces enough oil on its own without the use of anything extra.  Using these products will make you have to shampoo your hair again that much sooner.  

*For a list of recommended products for each step of this process, click here..**


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