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Monday, December 17, 2012

Product Review- Essations Tea Tree Shampoo

Essations Tea Tree Solutions Dry & Itchy Scalp Shampoo - 2 oz / travel size

I am always, always, always looking for great products.  Even when I find one, I still look for others just in case one company decides to discontinue their product.  The Essations Tea Tree Shampoo is a great shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp.  Once you use it, you will experience a tingling/cooling sensation.  This is supposed to help replace the itching feeling with a cool sensation that provides comfort.  Well, it does exactly what it says.  I haven't used it on myself as I don't have an issue with flaking, but all of the clients that I use it on say the same thing.  They love the results and love the fact that they aren't having to experience their scalp itching even before they leave the salon.  When used weekly, it also helps drastically reduce flakes, and with continued usage over time, will eventually eliminate flakes.

**WARNING** This product does contain sulfates. I know this and I'm stating this in this review so please don't email me stating that this product contains sulfates.  For dandruff/tea tree shampoos you will almost always see these containing sulfates.  The reason for this is because when battling dandruff, you have to be a bit more aggressive than you would for hair that requires regular cleansing.  I do still agree that products that are sulfate free are the healthiest for the hair, however, I also use what I know is proven to work for a particular client's needs.  If they make a sulfate free version of this, I would definitely use it.  But until then, this is a highly recommended product.


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