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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just Pics

Today was a very busy day at the salon today! It is now 10pm and I am so ready to get in this bed but I knew I couldn't go to sleep without updating the blog for you guys today.  So I'm going to post some pictures of some of my work today.  Enjoy!

Meet Ms. Jewell

She doesn't feel good if her hair isn't done! Ha!

No more relaxer...

She might be older, but she still wants to look good!!
Ms. Jewell is one of my senior clients who always thinks her hair is nappy and won't grow.  I do think that she was receiving her relaxers too often so when she first started coming to me I encouraged her to ditch the relaxer all together.  Her hair was very fine and fragile, and it was too short to roll so curling it was my only option.  I knew her hair wasn't strong enough to endure heat and relaxers so she is now transitioning to being natural.  She has now been transitioning for a few months and is happy with the progress of her hair.  She received a reconstructive treatment today, and then I just curled her.

Mrs. Lewis

cut and color done by me!

I am so proud of this client! Mrs. Lewis finally reached the 9-week mark of her relaxer retouch.  She said she could not go another week.  I will try to help her get to 10 weeks next time but I am very happy with where she is right now.  She was another client who was conditioned to getting relaxers every 6 weeks so she was not trying to hear going any longer than that.  But she did it anyway! Today was her relaxer day and she was very pleased with her results.  

Meet Keisha

She has such long pretty hair but hates wearing it down!

Rods (back view)

Other side view
Keisha is one of my clients who ALWAYS wants an updo.  She has long hair, but hates wearing it down and hates for it to touch her neck.  It's always the ones with all the pretty hair isn't it?! This was the closest I could get her to wearing her hair down.  She likes rods because she doesn't have to do anything to them and they will last at least a week.  Maybe next time I can get her to wear it straight so everyone can see how long it is...

These were the clients I managed to get pictures of today.  I was very busy so it was hard to get everyone today as I was trying to get everyone out at a decent time.  Check back tomorrow for more pics of my work.

Good night!

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