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Monday, September 9, 2013

Guest Blogger Spotlight: Sharifa Barnett aka Ms. Kibibi

Sharifa Barnett

Today's featured guest spot goes to a fellow hair blogger.  Sharifa Barnett is the creator of which is a blog that also shows how it is very much possible to have healthy hair that is relaxed.  In her interview Sharifa shares her hair care regimen, tips for having healthy hair, and also talks about her book, "The 5 Hair Archetypes".  Read on and enjoy!

LJ:  What inspired you to start your blog?
SB:  After I reached my hair goal, I knew that I wanted to help other women with their hair goals. It's about more that just hair for me. A hair goal is like any goal in life and sometimes we need someone to inspire, motivate and assist us with our journey. I wanted to help other women feel great about achieving their hair goals.

LJ:  What is your current hair care regimen?
SB:  I'm currently a Minimalist archetype, so my regimen is very simple. I wash and DC (deep condition) weekly under my hair steamer. To dry I'll either do my tension blow dry method and lightly flat iron on the lowest temperature setting. Or I will air dry with the blow dryer diffuser attachment and make bantu knots to style.

LJ:  How often do you get your relaxers and what is the longest length of time you have gone in between touch ups?
SB:  My last relaxer was in October. In the past, I would stretch to 14 weeks, and my longest stretch was 16 weeks. 

LJ:  How often do you apply heat to your hair?
SB:  Indirect heat - weekly. Direct heat - 2 times per month. I consider blow drying with the diffuser as indirect heat. 
Sharifa at 4- how cute!

LJ:  What is your favorite "bad hair day" style?
SB:  A big messy bun at the very top of my head. I also like to wear a headband with the bun.

LJ:  What is the most important thing you can do for your hair when trying to grow your hair long?
SB:  Have a consistent regimen. Healthy hair isn't achieve overnight but damaged hair can happen quickly. It's important to stick to your regimen in order to see results. 

LJ:  What is the worst thing you could do to your hair?
SB:  Neglect it. There's a difference between 'leaving your hair alone' while doing the basics (ex. moisturizing) and leaving your hair alone and doing nothing. You can't just put in a sew-in weave, neglect your real hair underneath, then expect to retain length. 

LJ:  Congrats on your book (The 5 Hair Archetypes)!! What was your inspiration for the book and how did you come up with the 5 categories?
SB:  I've been working on my book for 4 years and when I started writing it, my focus was very different (i.e. much more scientific). My husband made a comment about how people liked to be grouped together. I have a psychology degree so I'm familiar with personality tests. His comment inspired me to develop a personality profile based on hair related habits. I developed the hair archetypes based on my hair journey and my 10 years experience and observation of the online hair community.

LJ:  Which category does your hair fall into?
SB:  The categories are about the regimen not the hair type, which is why the information in the book is universal. My current archetype is the Minimalist. But when it starts to snow, I'll do my winter wig regimen and switch to the Extensionist archetype. 

Well looka there, relaxed hair that is past bra length!

LJ:  I'm sure you have been getting a lot of emails since your book hit the shelves.  What is the most frequently asked question that you get? What is your response?
SB:  The most FAQ is what is a hair archetype. I developed the archetypes myself and its an innovative approach to hair care. So I explain how the hair archetypes categorizes women based on their regimen. The second popular question is whether the book applies to natural, transitioning and relaxed hair, which it does. Because I focus on habits and the practical steps to building a customized regimen, the information in the book is universal to all hair types and chemical status.

LJ:  How has your relationship with your hairstylist played a part of your healthy hair journey?
SB:  My stylist, Reniece, was one of my first inspirations to grow my hair long. She had her own hair journey so she could relate to my goals from a very personal level. She was a great resource, source of encouragement and always handled my hair with care.

LJ:  What would you say to women who don't think it is possible to have healthy, long, AND relaxed hair simultaneously?
SB:  A relaxer is not the automatic enemy to healthy hair. Anything that is misused can have damaging effects. I was able to grow my relaxed hair to below waist length. The factors to consider are how your treat your hair between relaxers, how often you relax, and how the relaxer is applied. 

LJ:  Where can we find you on the web? 
       Instagram - MsKibibi

LJ:  Where can we purchase your book, The 5 Archetypes?
SB:  The paperback is available on Amazon (international orders are available on the book website). The eBook is available on the iPad, Kindle, and Nook.


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