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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Can Your Relaxed Hair Be Safely Colored AND Remain Healthy?

A lot of my relaxed clients always ask me can they get color.  Especially when the fall and summer roll around, women get that itch to color.  And the truth is, everyone should not scratch that itch.  When the health of your hair is your first priority, I would recommend that you pick which chemical you absolutely can not live without. I have seen so many relaxed women who request color and swear up and down that they will be back every two weeks to receive protein, moisture, and reconstructive treatments to ensure that the color will not damage their hair.  And sure enough, for whatever reason, that does not happen.  As a result, their hair starts breaking, shedding, and becoming damaged.

Don't get me wrong, it is very possible to have relaxed and colored hair that is healthy.  However, it is a very costly expense.  It does not just include the price of the initial color service.  When getting color, you should also consider the price of the following:

  • Two weeks after your initial color service, come back for your first reconstructive treatment
  • Come back in two additional weeks for your second reconstructive treatment
  • The next two week visit should include a moisturizing treatment
  • Your fourth two week visit should include a protein treatment
  • Every remaining visit should include a deep conditioning treatment
All of these services can add up, but they are very much required if you want to protect the health of your hair.  Having a relaxer somewhat weakens the hair, which is why relaxed women have to work so hard to keep it healthy.  When you add color (another damaging chemical), especially if you want a much lighter color when your hair is naturally dark, it just weakens the hair that much more.  As a result, you have to work that much harder to keep your hair from not becoming damaged or looking dry.

To most of my clients that ask me for color, and have relaxed hair, I would not recommend it.  There are not many women who are willing to commit to the financial burden it can be to maintain healthy hair.  And once the hair becomes damaged, it costs a lot more money to repair it than it would to do it right the first time.  

So the next time you relaxed ladies are considering getting color, don't just consider how cute it will look.  Also take the time to consider all of the pros and cons associated with it.  Keeping your hair healthy should be your number one concern.  


  1. I am one of the relaxed ladies who have caught the color bug lately. I think that I can handle it now because my current regimen includes reconstructors and regular deep conditioning treatments which I wasn't doing when I was getting highlights years ago. I was visiting the salon every two weeks back then but my at home maintenance was nonexistent. Even though my hair care regimen has given me the healthy hair that I have always wanted I'm too scared to color my hair again especially since my hair is dark and would take a lot to lighten it. So I'll just leave the color alone.

  2. I'm relaxed and color treated. I actually colored my hair while I was natural, then relaxed like 2 months later. I kind of hate it now that it's growing out because you can look and see how weakend it is compared to my non relaxed hair. I haven't had any breakage or anything so I'm not afraid of color, I just wouldn't do it again.


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