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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Removable Sew-In *Week 6*

This is week 6 of the removable sew in using the same hair that I ordered.  The hair is holding up great! For starters I did sew the hair onto the wig piece instead of gluing it which make a world of difference.  Also, I love the fact that I can take it off at my convenience and put it back on whenever I choose.  And the best part is that instead of throwing the hair away as most would do when they take their sew ins down, I can reuse the same hair over and over.  It's absolutely perfect.  This weekend, I felt like adding some length so I decided to put my piece on.  I wore it the whole day, but I rushed to put it on which resulted in some not so perfect braids (I normally have someone else braid it for me, but didn't have time).  So instead of leaving it on for a week or two, I ended up taking it down when I got home that night.  The take home point: a rush job on installing your removable sew in will not last long.  It will get on your nerves, and to me it just felt bootlegged.  I will be putting it back on for this week for Thanksgiving and possibly curling it.  I do, however LOVE my straight hair so we will see.

Here are more pics:

Let me know what you guys think!

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