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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stylist Spotlight: Natural Hair Specialist April B.

I'm very happy to share this next interview.  April B. is a natural hair stylist in Atlanta, GA and she goes in depth on natural hair care.  Read more as she dishes on how to care for your natural hair, co-washing, and more! Enjoy!

LJ:   Tell us about yourself.  How long have you been in the industry, where are you from, and what inspired you to pursue a career as a hairstylist? 
AB: Originally, I was born and raised in New York. The place where I developed at interest in hair.  My mother was a stylist.  Her friend had a salon in her basement and I would watch them for hours doing hair.  I would play with my mother’s rollers and hair equipment when she wasn’t looking.  Lol! When I was old enough to do my hair I began experimenting with the different styles that were out at the time.  I would put my spin on a style and create my own look.  That went on from middle school until high school.  I attended cosmetology school a week after graduation and it’s been a wrap ever since. I have a passion for what I do, to get paid for it is just a plus.

LJ:  Being a stylist that specializes in natural hair, what are some of the top reasons why women decide to go natural?   
AB: There are many reasons why woman of today are going back to their natural state.  Women are tired of the damage that the chemicals have caused to their hair.  Some women have medical conditions in which the medicine doesn’t work well with the chemical levels in their hair.  A lot really just want to be carefree.  They want to be bold and daring.  So many reasons to name.  Each natural has their own story.

LJ:  What advice do you have for women who are interested in becoming natural but are hesitant?  
AB:  First make a conscious decision on wanting to become one with your natural being.  Take in all of the pro’s and cons of going through the process and match them up with your lifestyle.  Either you’ll have the time to do your own hair or you will have money to be able to pay someone to properly care for your hair.  Enjoy the process and don’t take it too literal.  Get educated; don’t get caught in the hype.  

LJ:  What are your top 3 products for keeping natural hair moisturized? 

AB:  I LOVE shea butter, shea butter and more shea butter.  You have to know how to use it in order for it to be effective.

LJ:  What are the most popular styles among your clients for natural hair?  
AB:  My protective styles such as the braided up dos, two strand twists with hair added and straw sets.

LJ:  When it comes to Locs, do you recommend trimming or cutting them once they get so long? Is it true that they could get too heavy and a few of them could possibly fall out?  
AB:  Yes they can.  It really depends on the thickness of the base (root area) of your Loc and the size of the actual loc.  If you have a thick Loc on a thin base it will cause distress.  If caught in the beginning, permanent damage can be prevented.

LJ:  How often do you recommend your natural clients shampoo and condition their hair? Any particular products you recommend for this?  
AB: Depending on the style of choice and daily schedule, once a week at minimal. With this frequency, deep conditioning is recommended.

LJ:  If a client is interested in becoming natural but wants to continue to wear her hair straight, how often would you recommend she come in? How often is too often when applying heat to natural hair? 
AB:  With a good thermal press a person can come every 3-4 weeks depending on how resistant their hair is to moisture.  Pressing every day, even every week can be extremely damaging to natural hair. 

LJ:  What hairstyles do you recommend when transitioning from relaxed to natural hair?  
AB:  Any protective style, such a braids, weaves, and braided updos.  Rod sets also can hide the variance in textures while transitioning out.

LJ:  What tips do you have for natural women on how to care for their hair at home?
AB:  Make sure you’re keeping your hair moisturized at all times during the process.  Use wide tooth combs; don’t fight with your hair.  Be patient.  Use minimal heat.

LJ:   Is co-washing a recommend method of cleansing the hair?  
AB:  There is no point to co-washing.  In order for your hair to be clean there is a need for a cleansing agent.  Co-washing only softens your dirty hair.  If you have a cleansing conditioning product then you can use it at your own discretion. Nothing beats an old fashion shampoo and a good conditioning.

LJ:  What is the worst thing a woman with natural hair can do to her hair? 
AB:  There are so many things that could fall into that category.  Not detangling hair, combing hair with a fine tooth comb, getting tiny individual braids, pressing hair every day, not using a moisturizer when styling hair.  The list goes on…

LJ:  Where are you located and how can appointments be made? 
AB:   I’m located in Atlanta at: 
Salon Ramsey
670 10th St 
Atlanta GA 30318 
Suite 5  
Appointments can be booked online at

LJ:  Where can we find you on the web?
@stylist_april_b on twitter and 
@stylistaprilb on Instagram 

LJ:  Is there anything else you would like to add?  
AB: To all naturals enjoy your journey. Be open minded and be willing to learn about your hair.  It discloses a lot of hidden treasures.  Be fearless in wearing your natural hair.  B. BOLD B. BEAUTIFUL B. PROUD B. NATURAL


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  1. Stylist April B has opened a new salon, Bella Chique (3060 Pharr Court N #13 Atlanta, GA 30305 | 404-913-1007)


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