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Friday, November 2, 2012

Relaxed or Natural Trivia

Here is some trivia for you.  Is this client relaxed or natural?

Give up? This is another natural client who had her hair straightened.  Instead of doing a blow out, we wrapped it while wet with Nairobi foam wrap and put under the dryer.  After it dried, her hair was 90% straight but still had a few waves in it so I blow dried it then flat ironed.  Her hair texture is not kinky, but very curly and wavy.  Her hair used to be cut very short, so short that she went to the barber shop to get it cut!  She is now on the way back to long hair and I think I'm enjoying the ride more than her! I love transforming her curly hair into straight and vice versa.  To maintain this style she will wrap nightly, sleep comfortably, and repeat..

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