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Monday, November 5, 2012

No More Hair Breakage!

This client had some damage and breakage due to getting color.  She has relaxed hair and when she received color her hair simply just could not handle both chemicals.  As a result her hair started breaking which left her hair in different lengths throughout.  This was her first time coming to me and she drove 3.5/ 200 miles to see me! I cut her hair to make it a uniform style, gave her a touch up, deep conditioned, and curled.  Here are her results.

If you are suffering from damage due to color, make sure you go ahead and trim your hair to make it even.  Don't try to hold on to the remaining long strands, cut it and let it grow back evenly.  Also, apply as little heat as possible if any to damaged hair.  I would recommend a maximum of applying heat to the hair of once per week.  You don't want to further damage the hair as it is already in a very fragile state. Color damage is not the end of the world, the hair can get right back to a healthy state with a little patience, time, and tlc.

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