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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How To Take Care of Your Natural Hair While Wearing Sew-Ins Pt. 2

It's very easy to slip into the habit of curling and flat ironing your hair every day when you are wearing a sew in.  Even while I have been wearing my sewn on wig, I have found myself flat ironing it way more often than if this where my real hair.  And while there is nothing wrong with curling the WEAVE every day, your natural hair is another story.

You never want to slip into the habit of also curling your natural hair that is left out.  This can lead to severe heat damage and shedding.  I have seen it first hand where a young lady came to me to get her hair straightened after she took her sew in down and the difference between her hair that was braided and the hair that was left out was very clear.  The hair that was left out was very much noticeably shorter, and very damaged.  She admitted that she had been flat ironing it and her weave  EVERY DAY!!!  Every day?! Wow! Although I have no pictures to share, trust me when I say it was bad...

I am now in the process of going two weeks instead of one in between my shampoos since I have been wearing my sewn on wig.  And the weave hair is 16 & 18 inches, which makes wrapping it get on my nerves.  So instead of wrapping it, I comb it back and tie down the edges, top and back and leave the rest hanging out of my scarf.  I then put a satin cap on to protect the ends of the hair that is left hanging.  In the morning, I put a couple of rollers on my natural hair to give it the bump that I want.  I leave the rollers in while I am getting ready and by the time I'm ready to walk out of the house I remove the rollers and voila! Even when wearing any type of extensions, you still want to keep the health of your hair as your top priority.  Here are a few do's and don'ts on caring for your natural hair when wearing your weaves.

Excuse the pics for being dark, I was about to get in bed!

  • DON'T curl your natural hair daily, or even every other day.  Stick with once per week heat or only apply heat when you shampoo you hair, whichever is longer.
  • DO wrap (if possible) your hair daily.  If this is not possible, make sure the edges and all of your natural hair is tied down.  Secure the rest with a satin cap.
  • DON'T get into the habit of neglecting your natural hair due to the convenience of the weave
  • DO try your best to treat your weave like your natural hair, it will help it last longer and allow you to continue to reuse it.
One of the main points of wearing your weave is to help your hair grow.  Not taking care of your natural hair while wearing it is counterproductive and down right pointless and a waste of time.  Remember, treat your hair right and you will get the results you want.  

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