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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How To Properly Use Semi-Permanent Color

Semi permanent color is a temporary color that rinses out of the hair in about six to eight shampoos.  Semi permanent color can be a wonderful alternative to permanent color.  They can also be a great compliment to permanent color.  The great thing about semi permanent color is that it does absolutely no damage to your hair.  This is what allows it to be possible to get it with your relaxer touch ups.

One common misconception about semi permanent color is that they will lighten up your hair.  This is NOT true.  They do not contain ammonia or peroxide, which are the agents in permanent color that make the hair lighter.  Not containing ammonia or peroxide is what allows them to only be temporary and not cause any damage to the hair.  If you are looking to have your hair lighter, getting permanent color is your only option.  However, semi permanent color does offer other options.

  • Darkens your hair- Whether you want to go from blonde to jet black, or you just want to be a few shades darker, semi permanent color is a non-permanent way to do it.  That way, if you don't like it, you can be assured by the fact that it will eventually shampoo out.
  • Adds shine- If your hair lacks luster and shine, adding a clear rinse will help make it not look dry and give it shine.
  • Enhances permanent color- A lot of times when you have your hair permanently colored, it may sometimes look dry and dull.  You can enhance your color by adding a semi-permanent color that is the same color as your permanent color.  If you can not find the exact color, you can also get clear.
  • Covers grey-  Semi permanent color is an excellent way to cover your grey hair.  I recommend using semi permanent color to cover your grey, especially if you have dark hair simply because you can use it as often as needed and it will not do any damage to your hair.  If you have light hair, it is harder to cover with a semi permanent because a lot of grey hairs are resistant.  Sometimes permanent color is the only option with grey when it comes to light hair.  

I love using semi permanent color.  It is safe on the hair, and can give you the look you are wanting.  If you are looking for a non permanent change, or just want to try something new out, give a semi permanent color a try and let me know how it works for you!  Until next time...

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