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Friday, November 2, 2012

Don't Call It A Comeback! Growing Your Hair Back After Cancer

Meet Mrs. Porter

Today's blog post features one of my senior clients.  She is as sweet as apple pie. Unfortunately she had cancer which caused her to lose all of her hair.  Needless to say, she was not happy about losing all of her hair!  The great news is that she is now in remission and her hair has grown back! Every visit it seems like her hair has grown more and more.  Today I roller set her to give her some volume and not have her hair completely flat.  Here are the results..

roller set - side view

roller set/ back view

roller set- other side

back view
As you can see her hair is back on the healthy track and it is definitely growing.  Her hair routine consists of coming to the salon every other week.  On her visits we shampoo with Avachi deep cleansing shampoo.  On the second shampoo I used Joico's shampoo for color treated hair.  I then conditioned with Onesta's moisturizing conditioner.  Next I applied MilkShake's leave in conditioner and some Nairobi foam wrap before rolling her hair up.  She was then placed under the dryer and after she was completely dried I simply took all of the rollers down and combed into her style.  That's it! Simple, yet effective.

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