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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The "Removable" Sew-In #1

The "removable" sew-in

I have been making wigs for a while now and am constantly trying to make them in different ways, focusing on them being more realistic.  Although the wigs that cover my whole head are very convenient on my bad hair days and can fool most people, I'm really growing partial to the half wigs, or the ones that leave some of the hair out.  I was thinking of a way that I would be able to style the front of my hair different ways, or even pull it up if I wanted to and still have it look realistic while wearing a wig.  Then it hit me, why not make a wig piece?  With the piece, I simply left all of my edges and sides out, as well as some in the top, braided the rest up, then sewed the "piece" onto the hair that was braided up.  With the piece, once I remove it, I can simply shampoo it and use it over and over again instead of throwing it away and continuously buying new hair as you would with a sew in.  Another advantage is that I only needed one pack of hair instead of 2! So far so good,  I like how it feels, it's not uncomfortable at all.  In fact, I don't even feel it.  And everyone thought I had a sew in, they were really surprised when I told them that it was a wig.  However, this is only a rough draft which I will continue to perfect.  Let me know what you guys think!

The very first picture was right after I made it for the first time.  Once I came home I felt like it was too thin and didn't match the fullness of my real hair, so I added more hair to give it a fuller look.  The last two pictures were taken after the rest of the hair was added.  As for the night time routine, I wrap it nightly and use two wraps instead of three.  One of the wrap caps I normally use was too small to fit around all of the hair, so two will have to do.  Next week, or possibly the week after,  I will remove the wig piece, shampoo it  and my natural hair, and do the same process all over again.

Like I said earlier, this was just a rough draft to see how it would look and feel.  Next time I'll probably go longer and may add a little bit of curl. We'll see...

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