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Friday, October 12, 2012

Stylist Spotlight: Tamieka Taylor

Tamieka Taylor

Today's stylist spotlight goes to a friend of mine.  I met Tamieka Taylor in cosmetology school and we instantly clicked and have kept in touch ever since.  She is a great stylist and is also dedicated to giving her customers healthy hair.  Check out her interview and some of her work below. Enjoy!!
Cut & Curl (Tameika's work)

LJ: Tell me about yourself. How long have you been in the industry and how did you get started doing hair?

TT:  My name is Tamieka Taylor. I am a graduate of Lawson State Community College c/o 2006. I am a licensed cosmetologist who is proud to say I've worked at the same salon since graduating 6 yrs ago. My love for hair came as a teen as I experimented on myself, family & friends. 

LJ: What is your specialty?
TT:  I specialize in a wide variety of hair services with my main specialty of taking severely damaged hair & transforming it back to its healthy state (I love a challenge).

Quick weave (front view)

Quick Weave (back view)

LJ: What is your personal hair care routine?
TT:  My personal hair care routine changes depending on whether I wear my own hair or add extensions.. But most of all I shampoo & condition it weekly & ALWAYS wear a wrap or bonnet on it.

LJ: What advice would you give to women who relax their own hair?
TT:. The advice I'd give to women who are non-professionals in the industry about relaxing their own hair is DON'T DO IT!! You take the risk of over processing your hair. Leave that to the professionals.

LJ: Do you believe that glue and hair mix? 
TT: Although sew ins weaves are healthier,glue in extensions can be worn with minimal damage considering there are new products on the market known as glue free weave protectors plus I always advise clients to not pull out the tracks but to shampoo it out CAREFULLY or better yet, let your stylist remove the weave.

LJ: What is the worst thing a woman can do to her hair in your opinion?
TT:  In my opinion the worst thing a woman can do to her hair is NEGLECT IT. 

LJ:  What is your top hair care tip?
TT:  My top hair care tip is to maintain regular shampoo & conditioning. CLEAN HAIR IS HEALTHY HAIR! 

LJ: Where can we find you on the web?
TT:  You can find me located on Facebook: Tamieka TheStylist Taylor, 
         Salon name is: Audrey's Touch Of Beauty 
                                8605 1st Ave No. 
                                B'ham, AL 36206 (Eastlake) 
                                (205) 365-3382

Check out more of Tamieka's work below:


After (back view)

After (side/back view)

After ( front view)

Bonded extensions (back view)

Bonded extensions (side view)

Bonded extensions (front view)


Rods (mohawk)


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