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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stylist Spotlight: Kimberly Hamilton

Today is Friday, so you know what that means for the blog!? It's "Feature Friday" and today's stylist is from Shreveport, LA.  Kimberly Hamilton is a master stylist who lets us know a little more about her.  See what Kim has to say about the love of her career, her favorite aspect of hair, and more!

LJ How long have you been in the industry and what inspired you to do hair?
KimWell I've been a professional stylist for about 8 years now.  I'm would say I've been doing hair for a total of 10 years because of course you know professional stylist at some point bootlegs!  What inspired me to do hair is that I just think that I've always had a natural gift for it.  Of course I started out young doing my own hair family's hair and doing friends hair, and it was something that was always on of my heart. I wanted to do it even though I strayed at other jobs, but when the opportunity finally presented itself for me to just take a break and not work, I decided to go to school for cosmetology. I do feel like it was my calling to be in this business because nothing else at this point fulfills my passion like doing hair.  Another thing that inspired me is just doing what I love to do and being able to put a smile on people's faces at the same time. At the end of the day I feel as a stylist we are also counselors.  You can use it as a spiritual way to reach people, and not just be a stylist.  We console, we listen, and we build the one on one bond with clients. 

LJ: What is your specialty? 
Kim:   I would say my specialty is hair color.  I love to see the transitions of the hair as it changes colors.  To see someone come in with black hair and they say I just want something different, something extreme, something drastic, those are the clients that let me have my way.  To see the hair transform is amazing for me and I love to see someone coming with jet black hair and say, "I want to go blonde." That is an awesome task  for me and I love to take that on.

LJ: What advice would you give to someone who is having a hard time transitioning from relaxed to natural hair?
Kim:   I will tell them first off, because I get a lot of this in the salon that I work in, that it's not an easy transition.  It is not an overnight process, and it does take time and a lot of patience. If you have those things combined, it is possible. The best thing to do when you're going from relaxed to natural is to find you a stylist, a good one is one that knows the best of both worlds and speak with them. That is the best advice I can give because you can't do it at home yourself, you're going to spend way more money on products than u you would spend if you were going to a professional stylist that is knowledgeable every two weeks. 

LJ: What are your top three hair products?
Kim: My top hair care product is Nairobi Humectisil Conditioner.  I love how it puts the moisture back in the hair shaft after it has been cleansed. I use a mixture of Nairobi and Joyce Williams. I love Nairobi side products such as conditioners, wrap foam, shine wax, and so on but I love Joyce Williams relaxer and their whole line....Each clients hair is different so their needs are different.

LJ: Where can we find you on the web?
Kim:  I can be reached a many places.  My website is
         Facebook: Kimberly Hairdiva Hamilton
         Twitter: @hairdiva29
         Instagram:  @hairdiva318

Kim's work
Thanks again Kim for the interview! Ladies, if you are in the Shreveport area go check her out and tell her I sent you.. 

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