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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stylist Spotlight: JoWanna Etheridge

Meet JoWanna.  JoWanna Etheridge is today's stylist of the week.  She is from Birmingham, AL and has been in the hair business for a very long time.  Let's just say, she knows what she is doing! She has worked in her family owned salon/barber shop for many years until she moved to Texas. JoWanna is especially talented and I'm very excited for everyone to read her interview!  Enjoy...

LJ:  Tell everyone about yourself.  How long have you been in the industry and what inspired you to do hair?

JE:   I am JoWanna L. Etheridge and I have been behind the chair for 24 years. I started beauty school six days after graduating high school. My mom always took me and my sisters to the salon to get our hair professionally done and I was always complimented on my hair in high school. I decided to become a stylist my last year in high school when I realized that UCLA was not in my parents' plans. 

LJ:  What is it like to work with your family and having a family owned business?

JE:  Working with my family has been quite an experience. My father and I have worked together for the past 22 years and I have learned so much from him. He has taught me everything about the business that I know so far. Having your own business means that I will always have somewhere to work. He has made me into the workaholic that I am today. Thanks Daddy!!!

LJ: What is your favorite and/or most exciting aspect of doing hair?

JE:  I especially love to see the way a person transforms in the chair. The look on their face when they like what they see in a mirror makes my day. 

JoWanna's work

LJ: What inspires you when you are about to create a new look for a client?

JE: When I am about to do a new style on a client I am typically inspired by some of the styles that some of the celebrities are wearing or even someone else's hair that I saw. I can't sleep some nights with ideas of cuts and colors that I can create.

LJ: What other creative things do you enjoy doing?

JE:  I love to write, draw and travel. I scribble haircuts and ideas in my notebook and goals which I must achieve daily. I also like to put together outfits for a day at work or a night out. 

LJ:  What is your specialty?
JE:  Cutting is something that I really excel in. The first time that I picked up a pair of shears, it was love and that love gets deeper every day. I use five-finger shears and they give me everything that I need for a perfect haircut. Once I lost my shears and stopped everything until I found them. 

More of JoWanna's published work

LJ:  What are some of your favorite styles to cut?
JE:   I am not scissor happy but I love to cut hair. Dry cutting is my favorite because I can see what the end results will be at the beginning of service. I am able to move and direct my cuts when the hair is dry as well. I love to do short cuts. I love symmetric bobs and I've just learned that I am very talented with clippers and really enjoy clipper cutting. 

LJ:  What are your top 3 hair tools?
JE:  My three top hair tools are my shears of course, I love titanion croc irons to flat iron with and I love the old school Marcel irons and stove. 

LJ:  What is the most important thing a woman can do for her hair?
JE:  The most important thing that a woman can do is to take out the time to come to the salon and get her hair professionally done. I recommend trims at least evey six weeks for relaxed hair and eight weeks for non relaxed hair. I don't recommend curling your hair everyday and I still think that every now and again, a black woman needs to put just a little bit of hair grease on her scalp.

LJ:  What are the biggest hair care don'ts and what is the worst thing a woman can do to her hair?
JE: The worse thing that a woman can do is to not take care of her hair. Just sit in my chair and I'll take it from there. She doesn't ever need to cut her own hair, especially her bangs and she doesn't need to leave weave or braids in for an extended amount of time. I really listen well but when clients come in and tell me how to do their hair, I always point to my license on the wall.

LJ:  What hairstyles do you do most often or seem to be the most popular among your clients?
JE:  The most popular style that I do hands down is to silk the hair. This is where I can make your hair look like silk. It moves when you move and requires a small amount of products. I bought my first house via silking hair. 

JoWanna's silking technique

LJ:  What are your favorite hair trends?
JE:   I have recently gotten into hair coloring a bit more. I would like to see my clients incorporate that into their look as well.

LJ:  What other goals would you like to achieve with your hair career?
JE:   I have been studying to be an American Board Hair colorist and look forward to playing with hair color a lot more. I would love to continue in this field but a little but more in education, artistic director or as a continuing platform artist. I recently moved away from Birmingham and reside in Austin, TX as a stylist. I decided to get involved with the corporate aspect of the hair business and maybe one day can take some of the things that I learn back home to Birmingham. I usually go back home every six week to see my family and to do hair. 

LJ:  Where can we find you on the web, how can appointments be made, and where are you located? 
JE:  You can find me in Austin, TX behind the chair doing what I do best at Regis Salon or catch me in Birmingham on one of my visit. Hit me up on Facebook with any questions that you might have.


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