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Friday, October 19, 2012

Stylist Spotlight: Celebrity Hairstylist Dontay Savoy

Today's guest spotlight goes to celebrity hairstylist Dontay Savoy.  Dontay has styled many celebrities, including Mary J. Blige and Ashanti, is a hairstylist on Kim Kimble's show L.A. Hair, and also works as a hairstylist for Access Hollywood.  Have you ever wondered how Shaun Robinson's hair always looks flawless? Well the answer is Dontay! He is a very talented stylist and I now have the pleasure of sharing his exclusive interview with you! Enjoy!

Dontay Savoy

LJ:  What inspired you to do hair?
DS: An old friend mentioned that I should attend beauty college.  Within weeks of that conversation, I did...  And have been in love with the art of hairstyling ever since.  I love to see how a woman's image and confidence can change within minutes.  Its funny to see women start putting on make up when I'm only halfway done with their hair.

LJ:  What is your specialty?
DS: My specialties are extensions and weaves.  Artificial hair excites me because its the illusion of something false to be believed as real.  While false hair can be manipulated a bit more than natural hair, it always leaves the questioning of, "I wonder if her hair is real?"  The bigger and longer the hair is, the better.

Dontay getting Shaun Robinson ready

LJ:  What would be the hair care regimen you would recommend to a woman who likes to wear weave a lot? How would you recommend she take care of her natural hair?
DS:  Allow breaks in-between wearing extensions.  Give the natural hair time to rebuild itself from the stresses of wearing weaves.  Treat the scalp with hot oil treatments and deep condition the hair with the proper moisturizing or protein treatments needed.  If there are portions where the natural hair is being left out to cover the weave tracks, rotate those areas so sun and thermal heat damage won't be such a factor in one area.

LJ:  Which do you think is easier to maintain between sew-ins and wigs? 
DS:  It really depends on the person and their lifestyle.  The normal, everyday woman who works her professional nine-to-five job should be capable of maintaining a good sew-in weave without too much work being needed.  I always recommend wigs and clip on pieces to my clients that are in front of the camera for work.  It allows all of the heat to be placed on the wigs or clip on pieces without the client worrying about damaging their natural hair.  

LJ:  Do you recommend a woman who wears weaves consistently have relaxed or natural hair? Explain.
DS:  I am an advocate of natural hair all the time.  Whenever the natural hair is chemically relaxed, and in some cases, lightened with color, the hair bonds become weak, which can allow the possibility of major breakage while wearing weaves or extensions.  I always recommend to a client who wears a relaxer, to not get a retouch on the hair that is being compromised with weave or extensions to help prevent breakage.

Dontay hooking Shaun Robinson up!

LJ:  What is your top hair care tip?
DS:  CONDITION!!!  CONDITION!!!  CONDITION!!!  Most problems with hair emerges from heat and chemical damage.  If the hair is too dry, it needs moisture.  If the hair is brittle and breaking it needs a combination of protein and moisture.  Women should STOP doing their own hair at home or be properly educated on hair care and conditioning.  Most women of color are scared of that hairline once it gets moist.  They run to the kitchen or bathroom and plug in that flatiron or pressing comb and get rid of those naps...  EVERY TIME THE HAIRLINE GETS MOIST???  The hair can only take so much heat before is starts breaking off ladies.  

LJ:  What is the worst thing a woman can do to her hair?
DS:  Damaging that scalp!!!  Having the braids to tight, pulling weaves or extensions into ponytails when its freshly installed, leaving relaxers or colors on too long and over processing the hair and scalp, which can lead to balding and destroying the hair follicles.  Many of young women have balding issues due to these reasons and it's not ok.  

Ashanti (Hair by Dontay)

LJ:  What are your top 3 hair care products?
DS:  Haha...  I'm going to need company endorsements for this question.  I love a great conditioner.  Sebastian's Penetraitt series and Joico's Moisture Recovery series works wonders for great hair conditioning.  My absolute favorite deep cleansing shampoo is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo.  Now it will take out all of the moisture in the hair because it strongly cleanses the hair, but used properly with other moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, moisture can easily be restored back to the hair.  Let's not forget the healthiness of that scalp.  Hot oil treatments prevent dryness of the scalp and hair.  Anything on the market will work wonders if used properly.  Even oils in the kitchen cabinets works well.  Coconut, almond, vegetable and olive oils can be placed in the microwave to heat and comfortably applied to the scalp and massaged through thoroughly for a great at-home scalp treatment.

LJ:  Where can we find you on the web? 
     ~Instagram - dontaysavoy2

Mary J. Blige (Hair by Dontay)

Shaun Robinson (hair by Dontay!)


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