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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stretching Out Your Relaxer- It's Not As Hard As You Think!

This client came in today at the six week mark and decided to stretch her relaxer out for two more weeks! Yay for her!  I wanted to show everyone a picture of her new growth at six weeks.  It's right at about 1/2 inch which is average growth.  Remember, you want to have enough new growth to relax that will decrease your chances of overlapping.  Having 1/2 inch of new growth is not much and chances of overlapping are greater.  I want all of my clients, as well as anyone else reading this to know that I'm not on some secret mission to torture you by encouraging you to stretch your relaxers out to 14 weeks or more.  I'm simply advocating a road to healthier hair, that's it.

Here are some up close pics of her new growth:

right about 1/2in

parted down the middle

my fingers show how much new growth she has
Of course this client looked at me crazy when I presented the idea to her to go two extra weeks, however, after I finished her hair it didn't look like she needed a relaxer.  My goal for her is to go eight weeks twice before we stretch it even further to ten. I am a stylist that loves to see hair healthy, and want to teach all of my clients that are not quite there yet to get there!


  1. I can't imagine anyone relaxing their hair after inky 6 weeks! That's less than an inch of new growth! Personally I have 4A texture hair and I can go up to 16 weeks. That's 1-2 inches of new growth for my stylist to work with!

    What I end up doing is finding the week that is the hardest for me - which is usually the 9-10 week. On the 10th week, I go and have my hair cornrowed and use either U part wigs or a half wig for 6 more weeks and that brings me to 16 weeks. In the meantime, I wash my hair almost as I normally would only I can't deep condition my hair with cornrows in it or else build up will occur so I usually use a spray in Leave In treatment like Infusium in place of the conditioner, follow it with a moisturizer like Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner" and then let it air dry.

    I went from shoulder length to APL within 5-6 months and it was mainly due to protecting my ends and stretching my relaxer with the least amount of stress. I hope that this client can do the same!


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