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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Shampoo Day

Today is my favorite day of the week, shampoo day!  Ok, so it's not my actual favorite day but it has to be done!  And it's not the actual shampooing that I don't enjoy, its the part that comes after! Well I was lazy last night so after I shampooed it I combed it straight down, applied my Nairobi foam wrap, tied it down with a satin scarf, and let it air dry. Today I will be blow drying it straight and styling.  As I'm typing this my hair is still tied up with my scarf and has yet to be blow dried out...


Today was an extra lazy hair day, but I finally finished!  I installed my newest removable sew-in a.k.a. wig piece and here are my results.  I'm proud to announce that I now have a supplier for my hair.  I received it in the mail and was able to turn this

two bundles
into this..

finished look

Once again, I simply braided my real hair and sewed the wig piece on to the braided part.  This will last me for two weeks (my preference) before I take it down, shampoo it, and re-install.  This is very convenient for me, especially since I am trying to grow my natural hair back out.  I will continue to update on how much it is growing.  Right now I have the hair rolled and plan on wearing it curly tomorrow.  I prefer straight hair so I will see how it goes...

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