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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Removable Sew-In pt. 2

This is week 2 with my removable sew in.  Same hair, but remixed.  And it was so easy!  All I had to do was remove the piece, take the braided part down, then shampooed my hair as well as the hair on the piece.  I shampooed my hair with my normal routine.  I did this at my mom's house and forgot my hair dryer AND my Nairobi foam wrap so I let it air dry for a while, then used her blow dryer with the comb attachment on it to dry the rest.  Next, I sectioned my hair, leaving out hair in the top and the entire perimeter just in case I need to pull it up into a ponytail for some reason.  I let my mom braid my hair for me since I failed miserably when I did it myself.  I just got way too lazy, which resulted in braids that were too big, making the piece look bulky.  But this time, mom came to the rescue and the piece is now laying very flat and is extremely undetectable. After I sewed the piece on, I decided to curl it instead of wearing it bone straight like I normally do so I curled it with my curling wand and here are my results....

I will definitely be shampooing weekly due to my hair starts itching very badly by the end of the week.  I don't know how some of you wear your sew-ins for months.  I couldn't do it.  That's another reason why I love this piece.  I can take it off and put it back on every day if I want to.  And I can continue to use the same hair over and over again without having to throw it away and keep buying more.  Why didn't I think of this before???  And for my night routine, I will be wrapping nightly for the week.



  1. Hey, Ms LaToya, Ima have to do some research on the those clip-ins, they really look nice. BTW, I purchased the Milkshake leave-in conditioner, haven't received it yet, will let you know how I like it.

    Keep them blogs coming, I have really learned a lot from them.

    Take care, love ya.
    I HOLLA.....

  2. Hello, these are not clip ins, it is a wig that was custom made to be sewn onto the hair. You'll love the MilkShake! Thanks!!


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