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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Hair Care Regimen

I ask people all the time what their hair care regimen is and then it dawned on me that I have never shared my own!  Developing your own personal hair care regimen is an important step when you are on a journey to healthier hair.  It basically outlines everything you do to your hair and lets you visualize what you are currently doing and allows you to make improvements in areas that need it.  Everyone has a hair care regimen even though you may not realize it.  Your everyday hair care routine is basically your regimen.  If your regimen needs improving, feel free to use mine as your guide, but customize it to your own specific hair needs.

Weekly Routine

Every week I shampoo my hair.  This is done because in one week's time, my hair has accumulated more oil and dirt than I care for.  At that point, it becomes very disobedient and will not curl right, lay right, or be styled the way I want it.  I like my hair to be free flowing, and the only thing the oil accumulation and dirt does is weigh it down.  Every now and then that thing called life happens (or I just get plain old lazy) and may prolong it a few extra days, but 10 days is about the longest I will go without shampooing.

What I use:  To make sure my hair is as clean as possible, I use Avachi's deep cleansing purifying shampoo.  This shampoo removes all of the product build up from the previous week.  Unfortunately it removes all of the good stuff too, which is why I use Onesta's Moisturizing Shampoo to add the moisture back in.  When I shampoo the first time with the Avachi, I set the water temp to be hot, not scalding, but hotter than warm.  That way, I can open the cuticle to my hair and allow all of that oil and product build up to be released.  On the next shampoo with the Onesta, I bring the temp down to warm because I don't want all of the moisture I'm adding back in to come right back out.  Next, I condition with Onesta's Moisturizing Conditioner.  I let it sit on my hair for a few minutes (5-10) before I rinse with cool water.  Cool water allows the cuticle of my hair to close back up and hold all of the moisture in.

Once I'm done at the shampoo bowl, and while my hair is still wet, I spray with a leave-in conditioner called MilkShake.  I do this to give my hair extra protection, as I know I will be putting heat on it later.  Then, using a wide tooth comb I comb my hair straight down and apply Nairobi's foam wrap to the roots.  This is done to lay the roots down and allow better straightening.  Then I head to the dryer....

After my hair is about 80-90% dry, I apply Chi oil (dime size amount) to my hair and blow dry until its 100% dry.  Lastly, I flat iron my hair to my desired style.

Since I've added so much moisture during the shampoo process, no extra oil is needed for the rest of the week.

Nightly Routine

Every night, I wrap my hair with three, yes I said three, things.  I use my mesh wrap cap first, apply my satin wrap cap on top of that, and apply my satin scarf on top of that.  This is what works for me, as I found that only using a silk scarf alone did not get it.  I would wake up and it would either by half way off my head or completely off, which defeated the purpose.  The mesh wrap cap covers basically from ear to ear and connects in the middle of my forehead.  This still leaves the top of my head and my nape exposed.  Leaving the nape exposed leaves the hair more prone to rubbing against the pillow and sheets while sleeping, which can result in the ends splitting and/or breaking while the rest of the hair is protected.  The silk wrap cap covers everything the mesh cap covers as well as my nape.  The satin scarf then covers my entire head.  I do not moisturize and seal my hair nightly simple because wrapping my hair nightly helps me maintain the moisture that was put in it when I shampooed it.  Plus I don't like my hair to look and/or feel greasy or oily.

Relaxer Touch-Ups

I get about three relaxers per year, which equals me getting them every four months, or every 14-16 weeks. I do not do my own relaxers, instead I have another stylist do it for me.  I would recommend getting a protein treatment about two weeks before a relaxer if your hair is damaged or colored, to give your hair the added strength to ensure no breakage when you get your relaxer.

Work Out Routine

While working out, I wrap my hair.  I work out in the evening, so I keep my hair wrapped until the next morning.  If you work out in the morning, and sweat profusely in your head to where your hair is soaking wet when you're done, I suggest pulling your hair in a high ponytail and wrapping your edges down.  This will allow your edges to remain straight. That way, when you blow dry, you won't have that much that needs to be straightened, only your midshaft to the ends of your hair.


  1. Hey, LaToya, I like your regimen; I do have most of the products you mentioned, I will try to do what you do.

    Thanks for the tips....

    1. Thanks, glad I could help! I try to keep it real simple..

  2. Hi Latoya,

    Has your regimen changed at all since this post last year? Do you deep condition as well?



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