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Monday, October 8, 2012

How To Find A Stylist When You're New To Town

It's very easy for hairstylists to become close with their clients, and vice versa.  Therefore, it's tough when a client has to move and you know that you will more than likely not see them very often, if any at all.  Most women become very loyal to their hairstylist, especially when they have gone through several bad ones before they discovered a good one.  So when that thing called life happens and for whatever reason you find yourself having to relocate, finding a new stylist can be an overwhelming task.  Here are a few tips to help you find a new stylist when you are new to town.

  • Get a referral-  If you see someone whose hair looks good, don't be afraid to stop them and ask them who their stylist is.  Get the stylist's information and call to set up a consultation.
  • Search the internet-  I've had many clients say they found me on the internet.  I would assume this meant that they found me on Facebook, but no, they actually found me on Google! Many stylists have websites that you can go to that will have pictures of their work, pricing, info about themselves, etc.  Use this information to see if their work matches your needs and if so, try them out.
  • Get a consultation-  When you think you've found a good stylist, call and set up an appointment for a consultation.  This is your opportunity to meet your potential new stylist, let her look at your hair, see what kind of products they use, and ask all of your hair related questions. 
  • Trust your instincts-  Once you've had your consultation, go with your gut feeling about whether to choose to set up another appointment with this stylist or not.  If you don't get good vibes or are uneasy with some of the answers the stylist gave you, then you should continue your search.  Otherwise, if you are happy with the consultation, go ahead and try the stylist out.
  • Once you've made your appointment, take a picture with you of how you normally wear your hair. Never assume the stylist knows your style or how you like to wear your hair until you have been going to them for a while.  
  • Happy hunting-  It may take a little trial and error but eventually you will find someone you are happy with.  Try not to get frustrated, and happy stylist hunting!

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