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Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Shampoo Day

I actually shampooed my hair last Friday, so this post is a little late. Anyway, I managed to take a pic of my new growth before I started straightening.  Remember, I haven't had a relaxer since beginning of July (exact date is unknown) but I'm sure it was during the first week.  So it would be safe to say that this is week 12 (3 months) for me post relaxer. That seems like a big number but it really isn't that bad.  Maybe I'm just used to it, but I don't plan on getting another relaxer until sometime in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I promise you, if I can do this, ANYONE CAN! You may think that I have an advantage since I'm a stylist which may only be partially true, but what about Jennifer and Nadege?  Their hair is extra thick, half way down their backs, they are not stylists, and they manage to do their own hair just fine. So no excuses! Next time you're about to get a relaxer at 6 weeks, go ahead and stretch it out to 8.  How do you know if you can do something unless you try??

Check out my new growth picture at 12 weeks:

The wavy part looks like about an inch and some change.  Before I got under the dryer, I did apply some Nairobi foam wrap to smooth it down so there may be a little more new growth than you can actually see.  If you are not using Nairobi foam wrap, get you some asap! That stuff works miracles!  It's one of my secret weapons, especially when straightening natural hair.

Here is an after shot of the finished product:

Decided to flip it away from my face this time. I think I like that :)

Notice how straight that new growth is now..

How do I continue to keep my hair straight for 7-10 days without applying more heat you ask? Simple, I just wrap it every single night.  No exceptions.  Wait, let me take that back.  If I know I'm shampooing it the next day, I may not wrap it but instead I will just brush it all back and apply my silk scarf and leave my hair hanging out in the back.  That's the only time, other than that, I wrap, wrap, wrap!  As for the curls, wrapping those completely destroyed my curls and once I unwrapped it was all straight, which I was fine with.  However, if you did your hair like this and wanted to keep the curls, you would have to roll it in the direction of the curls (away from the face), put on your satin cap, and sleep on the rollers.  I prefer to toss and turn comfortably, so sleeping in rollers isn't my thing, unless there is something extra special going on.  Otherwise, give me my two wrap caps, my silk scarf, and I'm good (in my Kanye voice)!

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