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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Another Natural Transformation

This is a client that I had that I actually encouraged to go natural.  At the first discussion of this, she was totally opposed to the idea.  I knew she had a very pretty wave pattern and after a little bit of convincing she decided to go for it.  I think its been about a year or maybe a little bit over now, and she is a proud member of the natural community!  Here are some before and after pics of her hair..


Don't be ashamed of your before pics! Lol


After her hair dried...

I LOVE her wave pattern!
This client has the prettiest wave pattern!  She could wear it wavy at any time if she wanted to by simple wetting it, applying a little product, and letting it air dry or using a diffuser.


She wouldn't let me get her face! Oh well, you guys get the picture.

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