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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Busy Saturday

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Saturday is one of the busiest days in the salon for a lot of stylists, including myself.  What woman doesn't want to look great for the weekend? Here is some of the work I did today.

Natural- Blow out and flat iron
From curly to straight- 100% natural, 0% relaxer
These girls are so beautiful to me! They are sisters and are both natural with gorgeous hair.  I was so busy today I forgot to take before pics, but managed to snap this after pic.  I could play in their hair all day.  It was also very pretty when curly, but they chose to wear it straight today.  They also both got their ends trimmed.

Cut & Styled (relaxed hair)  

Bob cut (side view)

Bob cut with layers, back view

View from other side
This client came in with shoulder length hair but wanted it cut into a bob. We layered it and curled it in the style. Doing her hair made me want to go ahead and cut mine shorter in the back! This is one of my favorite styles.  It is very easy to maintain and easy to style.

Short, sweet, and sassy

short layers

side view

back view
This has been a client of mine almost since the very beginning of my cosmetology career.  She had shoulder length hair, but after an unfortunate mishap with some micro braids she was forced to cut the braids out, thus cutting a lot of her own hair.  I managed to shape it up, as she wanted to keep as much length she had as possible.  She does want to grow her hair back long but is enjoying the short cut for now.

Curly look

Pin Curls

back view

side view
This is what I call a "quick version" of a roller set.  I pin curled it, then fingered though it to get the desired look.  To maintain, she will pin her curls back up at night and put her satin bonnet on. 

Layered cut

already cut, I simply curled in the style

back view

side view

view from other side
I'm so proud of this client, she is 9 weeks post relaxer! Whoop Whoop! Now that is a number I like to hear.  She used to be natural but decided to go back to chemicals only now she is stretching her relaxers out.  She is growing her hair out from a short style, with the ultimate goal of having a bob.

Flexi rods
flexi rods

side view

back view

view from other side
I had to take this client's picture as she ALWAYS wears her hair up.  She has long hair but doesn't like to sleep cute, and doesn't like for her hair to touch her neck.  She is relaxed although I tried to encourage her to go natural due to I can tell from her new growth that she would have the prettiest curl pattern.  Her curls were achieved on the blue and orange flexi rods.  

These are a few of my clients that I managed to get pictures of today.  I love my job! I still can't believe I actually get paid to do my hobby. Until next time.....

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