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Friday, September 14, 2012

Guest Blogger Interview: Nadege from Relaxed Hair Health

Nadege- creator of the Relaxed Hair Health blog

I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow blogger.  Nadege has her own blog dedicated to having relaxed, healthy hair. She has gorgeous, long, healthy, AND relaxed hair. So you see, there is hope! There is a such thing as having relaxed AND healthy hair.  She dished about her hair care routine, inspiration behind starting her blog and more..

LJ: What inspired you to create your blog?  
Nadege: I created my blog years ago as a space to talk about hair as I traveled through my own journey.  I seriously thought no one would read it. Prior to that, I wrote on another blog that only got a handful of visitors a day. I thought to myself, if no one wants to read my blog of personal growth and development, then I'm sure even less people will be interested in hair.  But as time passed, I noticed that people were actually as interested in healthy hair as I was. That inspired me!  So I decided to keep going and I allowed myself the room to explore outside of the boundaries for a more holistic approach to our hair journey.

LJ: What is your hair care regimen? How often do you shampoo & condition and what products do you use? 
Nadege: Once a week I deep condition and wash.  Notice that I said deep condition first.  I'm testing out this idea of deep conditioning on dry/damp hair before the shampoo.  So far so good.  My hair is a total moisture freak so I center my routine around the elevation of moisture levels.  Most of my deep conditioning products are ultra moisturizing and nourishing.  I use WEN Honey Fig as my shampoo and I rotate/mix my conditioners so my hair doesn't get bored.  Some of my favorite products include Keracare Humecto, Aveda Damage Remedy, Redken Extreme,  and Chaz Dean 613.  

LJ: What is your nightly hair routine? 
Nadege: At night I keep it simple.  Just moisturize and seal. And of course, I tie my hair with a scarf religiously.  Currently I'm testing a home-made moisturizer that will likely evolve into a product by early next year.  For my daily and nightly sealing. I consistently use Gleau Nourishing oil blend.  

LJ: How often do you get your hair relaxed? 
Nadege: Currently I touch up every 4 months.  I cross my fingers and long for the day when I can finally complete six month stretches.  

LJ: Have you ever considered going natural?  
Nadege: Yes and no. There are moments during my stretch when I'm like "I love my new growth and I'm never going to relax again" then there are times when I'm like, "I can't deal right now, where's my (Affirm) Fiberguard?"  At the moment I'm texlaxed. I've got loads of texture left in my hair.  When I'm deep into my stretch, even naturals mistake me for having natural hair.  I remember meeting Curly Nikki once and I had to tell her that I wasn't a natural after she commented on my hair.  Right now I like the fact that I'm somewhat of a resource for women who choose to relax.  I feel like there aren't many resources out there and I'm glad to help and any way I can. 

beautiful hair!

LJ: How often do you apply heat to your hair?  
Nadege: I normally only start using heat late into my stretch. Sometimes it's flat ironing, sometimes I blow out my roots after a roller set.  I try to save heat usage to extend my stretch or to try to prevent the breakage and tangling I seem to get whenever I have a ton of new growth.  Other than that, heat doesn't really interest me.  My hair is big and I try not to fight that too much.  Rarely do I wear my hair bone straight.

LJ: How do you keep your hair moisturized? 
Nadege: Moisture is my obsession so I try to incorporate it throughout.  I have no issue in investing in quality products that keep my hair moisturized.  When I created Gleau, my intention was to blend oils together that mimicked moisturizing qualities. So even when I'm applying oil to my hair, it feels more moisturized.  Right now I'm on a quest to create the world's most perfect moisturizer.  Once that goal is reached, I can can say to myself "I have achieved my life's mission" (I'm being a bit melodramatic but that's the way I'm feeling right now :).   

LJ: What is your top hair care product? 
Nadege: Gleau Argan oil. I use it daily and have done so for years.  I also love to support my hair with nutrition. Eating healthy and taking supplements help fortify the hair so it's healthier from the start.  From there, the products I use are added bonuses.  I recommend that anyone who is looking for the next product also invest in supplementation or at least eat healthier and drink more water.

LJ: How can we find you on the web? 
Nadege:  I also have a Facebook fan page and a Youtube channel.   
                Nadege's blog is

There you have it ladies. For everyone that thinks they cant wait any longer than six weeks before they re-touch, this is dedicated to you! Let Nadege inspire you. As much hair as she has, she only gets her relaxers every four months, not weeks, MONTHS! So it can be done. Thanks Nadege!


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