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Monday, September 9, 2013

Chi Silk Infusion Review


I've been using Chi's Silk Infusion for a long time.  This stuff works wonders on the hair! When using it on my clients, I normally let the hair get 80% dry, apply a dime to nickel size amount (depending on how much hair the client has), and blow dry the rest in the hair.  It gives the hair the best shine and silky feeling.  I also use the shine spray, they both make the hair smell amazing.  I will never forget that I once used this
on a client and when she left, she called me about 5 minutes later asking did I spray some Beyonce Heat perfume in her hair! Ha! That cracked me up.  Chi's Silk Infusion is also an alcohol free leave-in conditioner that is enriched with pure natural silk, wheat and soy proteins.  It is also an excellent thermal styling agent.  It never feels greasy (a little goes a long way), and gives the hair incredible shine.  I only have two words in regards to Silk Infusion: GET IT!!

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