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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alternative Methods To Shampooing - Conditioner Washing

Conditioner washing aka co-washing, is another method that is used the cleanse the hair without using shampoo. Instead of using shampoo, you simply use conditioner only.  Co-washing is said to make the hair softer, smoother, and give more body to hair that has been shampooed using shampoo.

Many natural women are using this method to cleanse their hair, especially if they want to shampoo it daily.  This helps to not strip all of the oils from the hair, causing it to look dry and frizzy.  Also, women who are allergic to certain ingredients in shampoos can opt for this alternative.

I do not co-wash any of my clients due to the fact that when I shampoo the hair, I like to start with a clean slate and get all the excess dirt, oil, residue, and product build up off the hair and there is no conditioner out there that will do that.  I like for the hair to be squeaky clean before I add my blend of moisturizers.  Therefore, I do not co-wash my clients.  Now, am I saying that this method is wrong? No, I'm simply saying its not a method that I prefer.  However, if your hair craves moisture even after making your diet perfectly balanced, drinking at least 64oz of water daily, and taking a multi-vitamin, then I say go for it. Co-washing can in no way damage your hair, unless you use a protein conditioner which is a no no!  Protein conditioners are meant to give the hair strength.  Frequent usage of protein conditioners will cause the hair to become brittle and result in breakage. With that being said, if you would like to try co-washing, here are some tips.

  • Use a cheap conditioner- This is due to the fact that cheaper conditioners have more cleansing agents (although they are still mild) in them than their more expensive counterparts, plus you will be using a lot of it.

  • Thoroughly saturate the hair- The cleansing agents in conditioners are very mild, so in order for them to cleanse the hair properly, you need to make sure that each strand is coated.

  • Use your good conditioner last-  Use the good conditioner to actually condition your hair and rinse well with cool water.

  • Don't ditch the shampoo- You still need to shampoo your hair every 7-10 days to avoid product build up which weighs the hair down and can result in oily and/or greasy looking hair.

While this method is not for everyone, some people will get great benefits with co-washing their hair. If your hair tends to be on the oily side, co-washing is not for you.  The only way to know if you'll like it is to try it! Make sure you tell us your results!

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