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Monday, September 9, 2013

3 Fail-Proof Styles For Bad Hair Days

We've all had our share of bad hair days, well at least I know I have.  But that doesn't mean we have to sacrifice being cute. After all, a great hair style has all sorts of powers. It can make us feel more confident, sexier, beautiful, and just plain happy.  So who has time for a bad hair day?  Here are some hair styles that will still have you looking flawless even when you are having a bad hair day.

The Bun:  I'm notorious for pulling my hair in a bun when I'm having a bad hair day, or especially when I know there will be bad weather.  If you have
medium length hair don't worry, you can still pull off wearing a bun by adding some pieces in first, then creating your bun.  If all else fails, you can also purchase a bun and just pin it in place! I had to do this when I cut my hair in short layers and it worked great.

Side View
Better View

Front View

Although I wear my bun low and to the side, it can be worn various ways, For example, it could also be worn low and in the back, in the middle of the head, or you could sport a high bun

low bun
I love this bun, will be trying it soon!

High Bun

So here we see that the bun is probably the number one fail proof way to style your hair on your bad hair days.  The high bun seems to be making a comeback these days. More and more people are starting to wear them again. And you can do a variation of different things with the bun. You could do it with or without bangs, slicked down or somewhat messy (I'm a fan of sleek and neat). The choice is yours!

The Ponytail:  I know lots of women who won't even think of cutting their hair too short for the simple reason that they want to be able to still wear a ponytail.  But why stop at your ordinary ponytail? Ponytails can be very cute, and no one has to know that the only reason you are wearing one is because you're having a bad hair day! Add some kick by adding hair and slicking down the edges to make it look neat. 

Love it!

While we can't all look like Gabriel Union and Beyonce, we definitely can all rock a cute ponytail! Notice that just like the bun, the ponytail can be worn various ways, high, low, middle, or to the side.

Fishtail Side Braid:  Lots of people are opting for this low maintenance style.  Its as simple as just pulling the hair over to the side, braid and secure the end with a rubber band. Make sure edges are slick for neat look.  
Easy & low maintenance

FYI-Who said the braid had to be fishtailed for it to be cute? If you don't know how to braid this way, just pull that hair to the side and braid the way you know how! 

Short Hair: Don't worry short haired ladies, I haven't forgotten about you!  If you have short hair and are having a bad hair day, make hair accessories your best friend. A simple, yet cute headband can turn your bad hair day around. 

So you see, there is no reason for anyone who is having a bad hair day to not turn it around.  You can look your best everyday!

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