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Monday, July 23, 2012

Exercising & Hair- What To Do With Your Hair When You Work Out?

I've heard the question countless times.. "What should I do with my hair when I work out?"  I say to wrap your hair while you work out.  I personally don't sweat in my head and most of my work out routines are at night. So I wrap my hair when I work out, and when I get home I leave it wrapped until the next day.  If you work out at night I would highly recommend this.  If you sweat profusely in your head and your hair is still soaking wet even when you wrap your hair, try pulling it back in a secure ponytail and tie down your edges with your scarf.  (Use a cotton scarf, it soaks up more moisture than satin). That way when you remove the scarf, your edges are laying down and you can just blow dry and lightly bump your ends.  If you have long hair and the idea of wearing a scarf to the gym doesn't appeal to you, pull your hair back in a bun so that your hair is not in your face and your ends do not touch your neck while you are sweating. After your workout, you can take bun down and wrap your hair for the night, or, if you work out in the morning before work, leave as is. If you don't know how to put your hair in a bun, or just don't feel like doing anything to your hair period, ask your stylist to give you an updo. That way, all you have to do is tie down your edges and your style will remain in tact.  Working out and maintaining your hair at the same time is very possible, you just have to be willing to put forth a little effort.  

What are some things you guys are doing to keep your styles while working out?

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